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Abba Kyari Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, Wife


Abba Kyari who is a politician, and at present, he is working as the chief staff member of President Muhammad Buhari. As per the reports, we have come to know that Abba Kyari is tested positive for the Coronavirus. The test was taken place on March 24th, 2020, which showcase that he has COVID-19. Unfortunately, he is now under the surveillance of doctors. And all the specialists are taking care of him and the special team has told media that in the near future he will be going to be well soon. In the above article, you will be going to know about his personal life, early lifestyle, education, net worth, age, married status, and many more. We suggest you read this blog carefully as it contains almost every information that you are searching for on the internet.

abba kyari wiki

Abba Kyari Wiki

He was originally born in Borno, there is no confirmed information regarding his birth date. But according to our research team, he is around 72 to 73 years old. He has completed his high schooling from a local high school and he has also completed his graduation from a well-reputed college, The University of Warwick in the 1980s. Currently, he has a bachelor’s degree in sociology. One more thing that we like to tell you is that he has also earned a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Cambridge.

Abba Kyari Age

Full Birth name: Abba Kyari
Birth Date: NA
Birth Place: NA
Ethnicity: Mixed
Wife Name: Ibrahim Tahir
Age: 72 to 73
Children’s: 4
Residence: Unknown
Education: University of Warwick

Abba Kyari Family

According to the information, in the Kyari family, there are a total of 6 members which include four children, his wife and he himself. His wife’s name is Ibrahim Tahir, who is his sister-in-law. Our research team has performed deep research, and they have come to know that Abba Kyari’s wife also has COVID-19. But one thing we would like to add is that this information can be wrong so make sure to check on another website as well. But his children are safe from the virus. As per the information, after Abba Kyari tested positive, the whole family went for a checkup.

Abba Kyari Net Worth

We would like to say sorry to you all as there is no information available regarding Abba Kyari’s net worth. Our research team has tried hard to find out but unfortunately, they do not get such information on the internet or anywhere as well. He is one of the reputed personality in the region.

Abba Kyari Tested Corona Positive

According to the reports, he became highlighted in the news and media because of the corona virus. Reportedly, he tested positive for the COVID-19 test. The further details are  not revealed in the public. He is now under the proper health care and doctors guidance.

Abba Kyari also deleted his Twitter account. The reasons are not known behind this action. Many prominent personalities across the world are getting diagnosed with this disease. So stay safe and healthy.


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