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    Today we are going to give you information regarding Alexander Hamilton, who was the prime Founding Father. He came to limelight during the Revolution War. We would also like to tell our audience that he is one of the essential members in recommending and ratifying the United States constitution. And after becoming prime secretary of the United States Treasury, he created a monetary foundation for a new country against Thomas Jefferson. We have given you basic details regarding him, now we can start the main content of the blog. But before starting the main content, we would like to tell you what information about Alexander Hamilton we have provided in this article. We have offered information such as Alexander Hamilton wiki, work on the U.S. constitution, married or not, his rivalry with Aaron Burr, etc., in this article.

    Alexander Hamilton Wiki

    His real name is Alexander Hamilton, he was born between 1755 to 1757. He died on July 12th, 1804 in Greenwich Village, New York, U.S. He was a multi-talented personality. We want to tell you all that he died due to a gunshot wound. If we take about his professions, you all will be going to shocked, as was a statesman, politician, legal scholars, military commander, banker, economist, etc. He is the Founding Father of the U.S. Further, he was a former president of George Washington.

    Alexander Hamilton Age

    Real Name: Alexander Hamilton
    Age when Died: 47 or 49 Years
    Born: January 11th, 1755 or 1757
    Cause of Death: Gunshot Wound
    Net Worth: NA

    Alexander Hamilton Died

    He died on July 12th, 1804, when he was 47 years old or 49 years. He died in Greenwich Village, New York. As per the information, he died due to gunshot wounds. In one of the fights, he was shot by a gun. He was taken to the hospital and he was treated there for a few days. But unfortunately, he was not able to survive, and he died there.

    Alexander Hamilton Family Members

    He married to a gorgeous lady, Elizabeth Schuyler. And as per the information the couple has 8 kids. As per the research performed by our research team, we have come to know that they both were married on December 14th, 1780. That’s all information we have right now with us regarding his family members. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding his father’s name and mother’s name. But as soon as this information get revealed, we will inform you about it by updating this article.

    Alexander Hamilton Education

    We want to inform you all that he had tried to take admission to Church of England but the authorities said no to him because his mother & father were not married legally. So, he and James Hamilton Jr. went to a private school situated in his hometown. And the school was operated by a Jewish headmistress. Further, he went for higher studies in New York. That’s all information we have right now with us about his educational background. Thank you all for reading this article, we hope you have liked this information. Stay tuned with us for the latest gossips like this.


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