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Allison Gollust Wiki, Bio, Husband, Age, Married, Net Worth


In the recent days, the media took hike after Allison Gollust announced her resignation from CNN. Even though the whole world knew who Allison Gollust is, they got keenly interested in her biography after the announcement on 15th February 2022. Everyone wants to know more about Allison Gollust, her age, ethnicity, net worth and other information.

CNN – Cable News Network, one of the most prominent news channel all around world, is in news since past 48 hours. Reason behind this hike in the name is resignation of Allison Gollust and Jeff Zucker.

Allison Gollust Age

Allison Gollust was the chief marketing officer and executive vice president of the CNN Company. She served long years along with the company and gave her best to serve the same. Her efforts were remarkable to bring a lot of growth internally in the company. This was to understand the actual maintenance of CNN Company after her resignation.

She was born on 2nd October 1972 in the United States. Her ethnicity is white and she is an American. She completed her primary high school education from her home town and then took over journalism. Allison holds a journalism degree from New York University. Her name has been prominent all around the journalist world.

Allison Gollust Husband

We know very less about her personal life. There is almost no information about her parents and family. She is married to Jeff Zucker, who in-turn is the president of CNN. Shall we say was? Apparently, Jeff Zucker also stepped down from the president post of CNN Company. Previously, Allison was a capable candidate of been president after Jeff Zucker, but things have taken up round as she resigned from CNN yesterday.

Allison Gollust Net Worth

Eventually, she resigned after been violated of company policies. She decided to step down before any action is taken against her (leading to get fired). This ensures the reason behind the hectic process of internal company affairs. Allison Gollust net worth is almost $2 million to $5 million. We have very less information relating to her resignation and hoping to update you soon.

Allison Gollust is a popular media personality who enjoys fans following on Twitter and Instagram. She is in the news because she resigned from her job at CNN. The users are debating on this news.

The matter in under investigation by news network and authority. Allison Gollust may reveal something official on this issue in the media soon.


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