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Amanda Du Pont Video Alleged Rapper For 2 Years, Rapped By Jub Jub


Amanda Du Pont is the headline of the news because recently, she is professionally an Actress and TV personality who has been the center of attraction. Her videos are getting viral on the internet, which is being circulated on social media. In the video, she is accusing the Musician Jub Jub, whose real name is Molemo Maarohany of rapping her for 2 years. It is pretty shocking news, Jub Jub’s fans can not believe this news, and they are bent on searching this matter.

Amanda Du Pont Video

Amanda Du Pont Video Alleged Rapper

Amanda Du Pont has revealed all the allegations on her Instagram account, she made a video and revealed all the things, she accused him of rapping her and attempted murder. These are the serious allegation, now the video has gone viral among people on every social media platform. In the video she is crying and confessing all the things in response to that video Jub Jub will be appearing on the podcast along with Chill With MacG. It will be aired on Wednesday, fans are so excited and they want to know more details about this.

Jub Jub is one of the most popular rappers, who has been the host of Uyajola 9/9 on Moja Love. According to the report, he has been sentenced to 25 years of Jail for murder, three more charges in the year 2012, in the year 2017, he was released on Parole after he spent four years. He is often found in controversy again one more time he seems to be in trouble.

Amanda Du Pont Rapped By Jub Jub

As per Amanda Du Pont’s viral video, she has stated that she was rapped, emotionally abused for two years by Jub Jub. Since the time she was hiding all the things but now finally she spoke up in public. Both of them were in a relationship for a long time, but just Jub cheated on her, he was involved with another singer, whose name is Kelly Khumalo.

The case is going on and getting the attention in the media, investigation is going on, let’s see what will be the result of this, we will let you know soon on the same post as soon as we find further updates, it will be added in the post.


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