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Assistant Samsung Girl Age, Gender, Virtual Guy, Height, Details


Samsung Girl is the internet sensation these days, who has come in the limelight of the media, you must have heard about her it is getting viral these days. One of the top mobile brands Samsung has brought the new feature for its users, all the netizens are so excited and they continue searching about Samsung Girl, who is she? If you want to know the same then do read the post, it is all about her. Get quick facts of the Samsung Girl age, height, gender and release.

samsung girl gender

Samsung Girl Wiki

Now Samsung brand is completely ready with its new and fresh mascot character, known as Samsung Girl. It is getting viral on the internet and creating a buzz. Lighfarm is the designing company, which create the character, on social media sites, you can see the pictures of mascot character, these pics are being shared a lot by netizens.

Samsung Girl Age

Its pictures were posted on the site of Lighfarm, as per the date, the company has also deleted the pictures after some time from its website. Many people have shown their eagerness on social media. We would like to tell you that, so far there is no confirmation made on its availability in the market.

Samsung Girl Real Name

This new feature will be called Sam or the full name is Samantha as per its pictures, it seems a pretty attractive character with bright eyes and it is artificial intelligence. It means we have reached a different level of intelligence, it is a perky woman who loves turning Samsung mobile phone, searching, and installing apps. She will play a vital role for all the Samsung users, a 21st-century woman.

Samsung Girl Assistant

We can also her on every social media site as it is being a sensation, on Insta, Facebook, Twitter we can post, many people are searching for her. Even on Tik Tok, we can see her viral videos, the character is being admired by tons of people, Samantha’s character is eye-catching. Previously there was another character known as Persona, it was run with the hello of Pixar Design.

Samsung Girl Release Date

We are not exactly updated with the release date of the Samsung Girl. It will soon arrive in the latest smart phones as Samsung announced it officially in a press release. Samsung is one of the top fine technology company in the world working on virtual assistant.


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