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Bird Group Ankur Bhatia Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Wife Smriti Bhatia


The latest heartbreaking news is the death of the Bird Group’s executive director Ankur Bhatia. According to the reports, he died of the cardiac arrest. Ankur was the well known and established businessman in India known for the Bird Group. It is not yet clear whether he was diagnosed with covid-19 or not. The sudden death news shocked every Indian as he was a hard working businessman in the airlines industry. He served for more than decade in the company and business. Read more of the Ankur Bhatia, age, height and net worth.

ankur bhatia age

Ankur Bhatia Wiki

Ankur Bhatia was an Indian businessman who was serving as the executive director in the Bird Group company. He was 48-years old and was born in New Delhi. He was an Indian who took the company into the top rankings at the international platform. His exact birthdate is not clear. He is also known for bringing Amadeus brand to the subcontinent of India. In a nutshell, he was a successful businessman.

Ankur Bhatia Age

Name: Ankur Bhatia
Age: 48-years old
Birth Date: NA
Birth Place: New Delhi, India
Nationality: Indian
Religion: Hindu
Wife Name: Smriti Bhatia
Company: Bird Group
Death Cause: Cardiac Arrest
Net Worth: $10 million

Ankur Bhatia Wife Name

Ankur Bhatia was married businessman and his wife name is Smriti Bhatia. She is also working in the same industry and business field. They have two children named Arnav and Saina.

Ankur Bhatia Bird Group

Ankur Bhatia made substantial contribution to the company’s growth and profit. He made his identity in the travelling and airlines business. He did a lot of hard work to made him company reach to the top heights in the market and world. Today, the industry lost a potential businessman. He died because of cardiac arrest.

Ankur Bhatia Death Cause

According to the initial reports in the media, Ankur Bhatia died of the cardiac arrest. He was 40 years old at the time of death. The family is shocked after the sudden death of the businessman. He died on June 04, 2021.

Ankur Bhatia Net worth

Ankur Bhatia was the popular face and promoter of the Bird Group. He was serving on the top position in the company. The Ankur Bhatia’s net worth is estimated as the $10 million as he made income and fortune from the investments in the Bird Group and other ventures. His properties are also worth crore rupees in India and foreign.


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