Captain Akhilesh Kumar Pilot Age, Family, Died (Kerala Crash Flight)


    Here we are about to update you about the recent news coming through the source, that you might have heard. So we are here to tell you about the recent incident that occurred in Kerala. In the heavy incident, you lost our two pilots Deepak Vasant Sathe and Akhilesh Kumar, Here we will tell you the proper story, what this article is all about. So reading this article to know every detail related to this incident.

    akhilesh kumar wiki

    Who was Akhilesh Kumar?

    Akhilesh Kumar was the co-pilot in the plane which crashed in Kerala. He was under the guidance with the Deepak Vasant Sathe. He was first officer.

    The Akhilesh Kumar’s age was 32 years.

    On the 7th of August in Karela Air India Flight got crashed. The flight was returning from Dubai along with the people who were stuck in  Dubai due to COVID-19. That was working on the mission of Vande Bharat. But he was not involved alone in this, his co-pilot was also there,  he also lost his life in this incident.

    Akhilesh Kumar Age

    Name: Akhilesh Kumar
    Date of Birth: 1988
    Birthplace: India
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Indian
    Occupation: Pilot
    Status: Married
    Age: 32 years old
    Net Worth: NA

    Akhilesh Kumar and Deepak Vasant Sathe

    Deepak Vasant Sathe was the Commander and he has been serving Indian Air Force for 22 years, that is such a big deal for anyone, he is one of them who is considered as a skilled in flying airplanes because he has experience of many years, and this is what makes people expert.

    It is such a hard time for his facility because the family lost the pillar of the family. most of the people are in shock due to this incident. It is not all about Deepak or Akhilesh, there were many more people on this flight still people are being searched. many people have died and many are injured as per the sources.

    Akhilesh Kumar Kerala Plane Crash

    According to the report, the flight has skipped due to the rain on the runway then the Airplane fall into the ditch and broke into two parts, this took place at Kozhikode International Airport, Karela on the 7th of the August at night. All the people are praying for that, we hope so there is no more bad news. As per the source 120 people have been found injured, in that flight, there were also some kids, and the flight was IX 1344, and Deepak was appointed as a pilot with co-pilot Akhilesh. May their soul rest in peace. Our condolence is w with his family and loved ones. Follow our page for details and info, stay connected with us always.


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