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Dean Laidley Wiki, Age, Wife, Son, Family, Height, Net Worth


Today we are going to give you information regarding Dean Laidley, who is currently a hot topic everywhere. But before we start the main content of the article, we would like to give you some basic detail regarding him. He is a former American rules footballer, and currently, he is an assistant coach of rules football. When he was a player, he used to play for the well-known team named “West Coast Eagles and North Melbourne” in the AFL. As per the data, he played in the Australian Football League from 1987 to 1997. And as per the information given by media, he was a good player and later become a good coach as well. Today’s article is totally based on him. So, we suggest you read this whole article to receive full information regarding him.

dean laidley wiki

Dean Laidley Age

Full Real Birthname: Dean Laidley
Date of Birth: 27th, March 2020
Profession: Coach of Rules Football & Former Player
Wife: Laidley Dean
Children: 3
Married: Yes

Dean Laidley Arrest

Shockingly, he was arrest by the police and waited in the imprisonment. He was arrested because he was charged with the blame that he is stalking. And as per the information, there are some other charges as well. As per the available sources, he was arrested in St Kilda on 2nd May 2020. And one of the shocking news is that he has not received bail till now. Yes, you hear it well, he is still behind the bars. The foremost reason why he is still behind the bars is that he does not apply for bail. He will be charged with other blame in court on May 11th, 2020.

Dean Laidley Wife

Yes, Dean is a married person. He is married to Joanne Laidley, and the couple has 3 children. The name of the children is Kane, Molly, and Brook Laidley. They live happy and tragic life together. The couple shares tragic moments, up and down together. According to our sources, the above live a happy life together.

Dean Laidley Deadly Incident

As per the given sources, in 2011, the whole Laidley family went through a big terrible accident. We would like to tell our readers that the whole family members and friends went to Bounty Night Club in Bali. And due to some issue bouncer attacked them. They attacked them so seriously that Dean Laidley’s son’s jaw got broken, and his wife got some stitches on her head as she was hit by the bottle.

In one of the interviews, Dean Laidley said that that day was one of the most terrible day of his life. He told to the news reporter that those 20 minutes were my scariest 20 minutes of my life, and I was wishing to god that everyone gets out safely from the club. He further said, “My wife, my daughter, my son, and my relatives. They are all over there and until they get back I just don’t know… I am distraught.”

Dean Laidley Net Worth

The Dean Laidley net worth is not revealed. His is a successful coach in the United States. He has been receiving huge salary and contract package from the team. His worth is in the millions dollars. Soon, the exact figures will be out in public.


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