El Paso Shooter Patrick Crusius Wiki, Bio, Age, Arrest, Shooting


    Patrick Crusius is the suspected man behind the shooting at Walmart in El Paso in Texas. The man is suspected and identified by the news channel NBC, CNN, etc. The shooting is considered as one of the deadliest incident in the Texas, United States. It is told that the suspected wanted to kill as many as Mexicans at the place. The investigation being carried out by the officials. Patrick Shooter was taken into the custody after the incident. The multiple sources identified suspected as Patrick Crusius. So here are read about Patrick Crusius wiki, bio, age, arrest and charges.

    patrick crusius wiki

    Patrick Crusius Wiki

    Patrick Crusius is the suspected man who is identified as the shooter at Walmart in El Paso in Texas. He is the 21-years old man from the Dallas, Fort Worth. The shooting incident took place on August 03, 2019. As per the reports, he has twin sisters and older brother. There is no further information of the Patrick Crusius family, mother and father. The shooting reported at the 10:39AM by the police.

    The suspected man is arrested by the police and the statement is taken by the officials. The nearby area around shopping mall is closed. Early reports indicates that gun was AK-47.

    About Patrick Crusius Life and LinkedIn

    Patrick wrote on LinkedIn about that he was not motivated by anything. Patrick studied at the Plano Senior High School. The school is located near Crusius’ family home in Allen, Texas. The Collin County Community College also confirmed that the man attended the school in the spring. A manifesto from the suspected has been circulating on the 8Chan. FBI is investigating the case from the different angles.

    It is reported that 18 students killed in the mass shooting at El Paso in Texas, USA. More than dozens injured in the shooting. They are moved to hospital. The statements have been taken from the victims at the hospital.

    El Paso Shooting Texas

    The fire opened at the El Paso on August 03, 2019 by the Patrick Crusius which killed more than dozens of the peoples on the shot and left many injured. The reports said that there are multiple fatalities. The official number of the deaths and injuries yet to be released by police and administration. According to the videos, it is said that the suspected entered the Walmart and killed children, adults in the shooting. The surveillance photos have been revealed online on the Twitter and social media.

    Patrick Crusius Arrest

    The suspected man has been taken into the custody by the police. The President has been briefed of the shooting at EL Paso. The 20 locals killed in the shooting and 13 were taken to the University Medical Center of El Paso. The Crusius last known location was Allen, Texas.

    Crusius was taken into custody “without incident” according to the news reports. It is still unclear that what type of weapon is used in the shooting. The scanner camera shows that Ak-47 gun but not confirmed. The weapons may be recovered from the suspected man’s car by police.

    The president later tweeted his condolences.


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