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    In today’s article, we are going to provide you information about Gabriel Fernandez. We are going to provide you information regarding Gabriel Fernandez wiki, bio, how he died, age, height & weight, Grossi’s mother’s name, etc. in this article. If you don’t know him we would like to tell you that he is not a famous personality but he on him a Netflix’s docuseries was made. Unfortunately, he was murdered by his own mother and his mother’s boyfriend. As per the information, we have got to know that he has abuse and torture by his mother and his mother’s boyfriend before he died.

    gabriel fernandez bio

    Gabriel Fernandez Wiki

    He was born just 8 years old kid when he died. As per the report and media, Pearl Fernandez and his mother’s boyfriend. He was born on February 21st, 2005, he was 8 years old as of 2020. He has one sibling named Ezequiel Fernandez, he spent his childhood with him and both of them were very close to each other. As per the information, he is in high school. But unfortunately, at present, he is not alive. And the main reason behind his death was his mother.

    Gabriel Fernandez Age

    Real Name: Gabriel Fernandez
    Birthdate: 2005
    Age: 8 years as of 2020
    Birthplace: USA
    Alive: No
    Died In The Age: 8 Years
    Cause of Death: Murder

    Cause of Gabriel Fernandez Death

    Unfortunately, we would tell you that he was murdered by his own mother. He was found dead in his house and as per the reports, he was beaten up badly by his mother and her boyfriend. This whole incident came to the headlines when the Netflix show was released which was based on this incident.

    We would like to tell you the whole story from the start, as we have told you that he was beaten every day, but one day he was beaten so badly by his mother that his mother has to call 911 for help. When the help team came to the incident place they found the kid and he can’t even properly breathe. The helping team takes that child to the hospital but unfortunately, the kid can not able to survive and he died after 2 days. Then the hospital staff call the police and tell them the whole story. Aguirre and Fernandez were then arrested, charged with murder and convicted.

    Gabriel Fernandez Relationship

    The first thing that we would like to clear is that he is 8 years old kid, he is not married or in a relationship yet. Our research team performs deep research but they are not able to find any other personal information regarding him. He is not socially active and that’s the main reason our research team could not find anything special about him.

    Gabriel Fernandez Net Worth

    As we have informed you all that he is not a popular or famous celeb, that’s why he has no net worth. We would like to inform you is that as soon as we get such information, we will update this article. Thanks for reading this article so carefully, and stay tuned for more and the latest gossips like this.


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