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Hemant Shah (Harshad Mehta)The Big Bull Real Name, Death, Net Worth


One of the most viral personalities on the internet, who has come into the limelight. His name is Hemant Shah, but most of the people recognized him as The Big Bull. We would like to tell you that it is a fictitious character from the Indian film, who is working as a stockbroker. Nowadays, this character is getting viral on social media sites. Hence we have prepared this post for all of you so that you can find every single piece of information related to him, so let’s move forward to explore more info such as Hemant Shah’s wiki, real name, pic, net worth, and more.

Hemant Shah

Hemant Shah Big Bull Real Name

Hemant Shah’s real name is Harshad Mehta, he is one of the masterminds behind the biggest financial scandal or scam you can say. It is also called Scam 1992, it was one of the most viral scams ever in the shared market, there in the film industry, a movie has been produced which is based on his life journey and scam. There is also a web series based on this.

Hemant Shah The Big Bull Death

Do you know who is Harshad and Hemant Shah death? He was a stockbroker by profession, in his life he has earned a huge amount of money or you can say, he has earned a moniker The Bigg Bull, which was a result of his infamous market manipulation. In the year 1992, he had pulled off the Biggest con, as far report in the same year he took the load from the bank of INR 500 crore ($1.4 billion), with the motive of investing in Bombay Stock Exchange.

Recently Abhishek Bachan’s movie The Big Bull: The Mother of All Scams it out. Thousands of people are showing their interest in this. This movie is based on the real-life of his life. After watching the trailer, we come to know how he did the scam and the scam 1992 ended.

Hemant Shah Wife

He was born on July 29, 1954, in Maharashtra, India, he was holding an Indian nationality. Moving forward his family background, then he was the son of Santilal and his mother’s name was Rasilaben Mehta. Harshad Mehta was a married person, whose wife’s name is Jyoti Mehta. He also has a younger brother, whose name is Ashwin Mehta, he is a business associate.

Hemant Shah Net Worth

Harshad Mehta’s net worth was $7 million USD, he had a huge amount of money, he earned through a scam or stock marketing. He wanted to be a fat cat, hence he also purchased a 15000 square foot condominium in Mumbai’s financial district.


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