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Hridoy Babu Viral Video (Ridoybabo9 Tiktok Case) Arrested


The internet sensation these days, whose name is Hridoy Babu, you might have heard about him. Few days back, he was known as growing Tiktok star in Bangladesh. He is professionally a Tik Tok star. But nowadays, he is the headline of the news for being one of the six culprits, who were arrested by the Bengaluru police, for the sexual assault of a young girl. Haridoy is also recognized as Ridoy. The rest of the people are linked to the human trafficking network. To know the complete matter keep reading the post, we will let you know in brief including Hridoy Babu complete profile, age, case and arrested.

Who is Hridoy Babu?

Hirdoy Babu is known to be one of the popular Tik Tok stars. His age is 25, he has an immense fan following over social media sites. His other name is Ridoy, he was arrested by Bengaluru police, and he is one of the six guilty people, who sexually abused a young girl. The video was very viral on the internet which shamed whole humanity and mankind. After the investigation, police arrested this Bangladeshi guy from the Bangalore.

Hridoy Babu Tourturing Video

There is a heartbreaking video on the internet, who is being more viral day by day, and tons of people are being aggressive over the videos and looking for justice for the young girl. In the video, we can clearly see that a girl is being assaulted sexually by six me. This girl’s age is around 22 years old.

Hridoy Babu Shot By Police

On the 28 of May in 2021, the Babu and along with him another guy, whose name is Rakibul Sagar. Both of them were shot by the police, while they were trying to escape from the police custody. After their leg injuries, they were admitted to the hospital, there are also 2 women involved in the case. All will be in police custody till the 10th of June.

Hridoy Babu Viral Video

The viral video has been removed and deleted from the internet by the cyber department. The video shouldn’t be circulated as it contains the explicit content and violates the law. The department is also taking action for those who are involved in sharing this video. The name of the other five accused had been openly revealed by the police. They were all involved in the human trafficking case and torturing a girl. Public demands very strict action against these animals.


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