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Joe Barton Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Married, Leaked Photos


We are going to let you know about the Joe Barton who reppresenting Texas in the US House Representative. Joe Batron is the successful Republic politician. He is making news in the media because he apologized to the people for the leaked photos online. The nude selfie photo was posted online this making the time awkward for the 68-years old politician. He is active in the politics since 1985. He also served his duties as the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Joe is successful in his political career and able to put his decisions on the table. He also worked on the issue of the global warming and carbon emissions. He is one who favored to replace Obamacare in 2017. Joe was also in the support to Trumo for the ban of Muslim nations immigration. Read on to know Joe Barton wiki and net worth facts in this post below.

Joe Barton Wiki

He was born as the Joe Linus Barton on September 15, 1949. He pursued his studied in Bachelor of Science from the Texas A&M University and the masters degree from the Purdue University, West Lafayette. He supports the decision of death penalty for the spying agents. Joe was born to parents Bess Wynell and Larry Linus Barton. The politician expertise into the industrial and energy field. He worked in the private industrial firm in 1981 and then later he became the White House Fellow. He is having good working experience under energy and oil department. He first ran for the election in 1984 and got the 42% votes. He re-elected in next term and able to increase the percentage level to 60%. He is serving his duties as the Texas’s 6th congressional district. In 2011, he sponsored Better Use of Light Bulbs Act. In 2011, he was listed into the CREW’s Most Corrupt Report.

Wife and Married Life

Joe told in the media that he is separate from his wife. His wife name is Terri Barton whom he married in 2004. She is the second wife of him after the divorce from first wife Janet Sue Winslow. Joe has four children and two of which; Kristin Barton and Bradley Linus Barton. He is a very frank man and also faced few controversies in his life. He faced a heart attack in 2005. He is rich and you can get idea of his worth assets below.

Net Worth and Income

As per the rough idea and calculations, the Joe Barton net worth is estimated around $2 Million. The exact worth assets information is not made public. He is quite secretive in his life. His naked photos leaked online on an anonymous Twitter account. He apologized for it in the media. You can follow the congressman on the Twitter for latest tweets and pictures. He is divorced according to the sources and have five grandchildren. He is panning to election again in the coming elections as there is no tough competitor stand in front of him. But may his reputation get affected from the leaked pictures. There are few names who can challenge him in 2018.


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