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John Wright Swimming Coach Abused Shane Lewis, Wife, Age


John Wright is known for being one of the famous personalities, who is professionally a swimming coach. Recently the news came out that in his childhood he had allegedly abused the swimmer Shane Lewis, who is no more now. Her death cause is being told the overdose of drugs. There are some allegations over John Wright, let’s find that is that true or not?

John Wright Swimming Coach

John Wright Swimming Coach Abused Shane Lewis

There is a post on the internet, which was posted by Lisa Curry, Lisa revealed that Shane was sexually abused when she was a child. In her whole life, she has suffered from Trauma, after hearing this news, netizens are shocked. Moreover, Shane Lewis’s death news also came out a couple of days ago.

John Wright is one of the most famous swimming coaches, who had been sexually assaulted Shane Lewis and also some more swimmers, when he was coaching them, apart from Shane, he has also abused National Junior Backstroke champion, Colin Marshall. As far as we know Jhon has started to coach in 1983, during his coaching years, he also used to abuse anyone in the squad.

The athlete has also stated that he started to abuse him when he was 12 years old, later he said, he was also told to leave the club when he was violently abused by him. As per some sources we got to know that John has died, tons of people have searched his death cause but it is not revealed yet, neither there is any official confirmation about his death or death.

Shane Lewis Death Cause

Shana Lewis has unexpectedly died recently, and his loved ones are paying him tribute on social media sites. Shane’s death cause is the consumption of drugs, there is also the confusion that he might have committed suicide, so the exact death case is not revealed yet.

Shane Lewis has represented Australia in the year 1980 Barcelona Olympic. He had a decent fan following over social media sites, for his contribution to the sports field. She did not disclose much about his early but after some mother, her friend Lisa has disclosed the truth about her career, what she has gone through. At that time he was just around 12 years old, before his death, he has also tied to complain but did not work. But Lisa took action because she did not want any child to go through this.


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