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KarinaOMG Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth (Roblox)


KarinaOMG is also known as Gamergirl on social media. She is a Canadian YouTube star, popularly known for her channel “Bro vs Sis” and “Gamergirl”. Karina started vlogging from a very young age, and her popularity increased with her channel “Gamergirl”. She started her channel in 2016. Her few videos like “Going Prison in an OBBY!” and “Escape the prison and rob the bank Obby”, are now having more than 20 million views since they were posted.


KarinaOMG or Gamergirl is a Canadian rising star. Her real name is Karina Kurzawa, she was born on March 23, 2007. Nothing much is there available for her early years In October 2020 she crossed 502 million subscribers on youtube. She also has 5300 likes on FB, 107800 followers on Twitch, and 600k followers on IG. She primarily posts videos of Minecraft and Roblox on her channel. Her sun sign is Aries. She went to Sotogrande International School. 

KarinaOMG Wiki

Name: Karina Kurzawa
Birth Date: March 23, 2007
Birth Place: Canada
Age: 13 years old
Status: Single
Gender: Female
Occupation: YouTuber, Streamer
Nationality: Spanish
Net Worth: $3M USD

KarinaOMG Age

She is just 13 and then still achieved so much popularity. She first started her channel named FUNwithKARINA, in which she started posting videos like makeup, fashion, and travel blogs. The channel was made in the year 2015, it had around 1m subs. Now she started GamerGirl in 2016 which has 3.6 million subs and her second channel has over 10 million subs. 

KarinaOMG Boyfriend

Karina is currently living. in Spain, with her family. She has her mother and father with siblings. Her mother’s name is disclosed, her father’s name is Freddy Kurzawa, who is also a YouTuber. The name of her siblings is Aria and Ronald. She runs her second channel “Bro vs Sis” with her siblings and is very much popular.

She is not in a relationship, she is a kid right now.

KarinaOMG Net Worth

Karina has estimated earnings of $1 million. Her earnings were increased over time and it went from $4.2k – $6.3 M USD.

Karina has blonde hair and a slim body as most of the kids have. She is 5 feet 1 in and weighs around 50 kg.

In a short period, she managed to gain millions of views and subscribers on the YouTube channel. She also gets high watching on her live stream videos on YouTube and Twitch. She professionally plays the Minecraft and Roblox game to entertain the audiences. She is a beautiful gamer girl.


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