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Karissa RajPaul (Adult Actress) Death, Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Bio


Karissa RajPaul is one of the viral personalities on the internet, she is the talk of the town. We are not glad to inform you the star has died recently at the age of 26. She had died due to buttock augmentation surgery, which was done illegally. There is also a video on the internet which is spreading day by day by the netizens. That video is pretty horrifying, if you do not know about her, what has happened to her. Then it is the right post for all of you, which will let you know every single thing about her. So let’s move forward and explore Karissa RajPaul’s wiki, age, net worth, partner, and more.

Karissa RajPaul

Libby Adame Wiki

After she passed away, a mother and her daughter has been arrested and charged for killing her. Karissa was just 26 years old at the time of her death, she was from Encino, California. She has also explained her bitt lift treatment in a video, which was shared in Sep 2020. She was professionally an adult star, she was injected a liquid known as Silicon Mix, by La Tia.

Libby Adame Age

Name: Libby Adame
Date of Birth: NA
Birthplace: NA
Age: 26 years old at the time of death
Nationality: NA
Marital Status: NA
Profession: Adult film star
Net Worth: $1 to 3 million USD

Karissa RajPaul’s Accusers

The quite shocking video was released on the internet, in that we can see Karissa during the surgery. She was laying on the table in Encino in September 2020. The third procedure was going on, then unexpected happiness and she lost the world. Libby Adame and her daughter, whose name is Alicia Gomes were performing the surgery.

Libby Adame Death Cause

Karissa RajPaul’s personal details are not publicly available, so far her exact date of birth and parents are behind the carton. She was not found on Wikipedia. After her death, tons of people have started to search for her on social media platforms. Her loved ones and family are paying her tribute through their social media handles, may her soul rest in peace.

Libby Adame Net Worth

Karissa RajPaul had an estimted net worth between $1 to 3 million USD at the time of her death. As far as we know her main source of income was her profession being an adult film star. She used to earn money from the adult film industry and photoshoots.


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