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Lev Parnas Wiki, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Married, Family


Hey everybody, welcome to our website, today we are going to provide you information regarding Lev Parnas. In this blog, we will tell you about Lev Parnas net worth, height, weight, relationship, affairs, girlfriend, wife, married or not, and many more things. He was born in Soviet and he was a well-known businessman in Florida. He is one of the donors to the Trump funding committee that served Rudy Giuliani’s struggles to examine Democrat Joe Biden. Later he got arrested by the police as he was performing wrong things, he was imprisoned on fraud business finance laws and also charged for accumulating Russian currency and for using it in the assemblies, rallies of President Trump. He is not the only one in this fraud case, Igor Fruman was also involved in the case, he was also arrested and charged with the same charges. Both Lev and Igor are citizens of the USA but from different places. Mr. Lev is from Ukraine and Igor Fruman is from Belarus.

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Lev Parnas Wiki

As we know Lev Parnas granted a correlated firm named Fraud Guarantee. As per the information given by one of the famous news sellers The New York Times, he was given thousands of dollars to operate for Ukrainian American Lev at his cheat hindering firm Fraud Guarantee. This information was accumulated from the colleagues of Lev that he was paid thousands of dollars.

Lev Parnas Age

Birth Name: Lev Parnas
Born: NA
Birthplace: USA
Age: NA
Country: USA
Ethnicity: White
Occupation: Businessman
Married/Wife: Svetlana Parnas
Net Worth: Million Dollars

Lev Parnas’s Wife Svetlana

lev parnas wife

Lev’s wife’s name is Svetlana Parnas, she is one of the associates of President Donald Trump’s private agent. Parnas and Igor Fruman appealed not wrong. In the periods following his imprisonment, Paranas allowed showing publicly upon the president in the impeachment inquiry. His wife has also seemed in his favor during his days in court.

Lev Parnas Height/Weight

We really want to say sorry because there is no information available about Lev Parna height and weight. But we have estimated their height by looking at some of their pictures, and our guess about their height is 5 feet inches. But as we have already informed you all that it is not his official heigh it is just an estimate. But one thing before we end this article, we like to say is that as soon as we get any official information about his height and weight we will update this article. We hope you like the information.

Lev Parnas Net Worth

Parnas Hide His Total Assets From The Government: As per the information, in the middle of 2019, Lev’s name came up in the judiciary as he has blamed that he hides his total earning and assets from the government of the USA. According to the data, he hides a $1 million transfer from a Russian bank account. And this money is used for running campaigns and rellies for Dona Trump. Lev was charged for not telling truth to the government about his wealth and assets. But in defense, Lev’s lawyer claimed that the amount has been transferred as a loan. But Lev’s defense lawyers lost the case and Lev remains in the jail.


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