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Navy Man Max Soviak Age, Killed In Afghanistan Blast


Afghanistan has been the headline of the news for few weeks, at present, there is the worst condition in Kabul, which is the capital of Afghanistan. Tons of people are in trouble, you must be in the swim that recently, two blasts have taken place outside of Kabul airport. Which, several people have died, An Ohio Navy Hospital Corpsman was one of them, whose name is Maxton Soviak, known as Max. He has also lost his life in the bombast. Netizens are non-stop searching about him to get every latest detail, so let’s discover all the important facts.

Navy Man Max Soviak

The blast has taken place outside of Kabul airport on Thursday, near Kabul Hamid Karzai  International Airport. As per the source, we found, hundred of Afghans have been killed in the blast including 13 Americans.  As per the recent news, The United States of America has also issued a warning to the Taliban, that its consequences will not be good for the Taliban.

Max was just 22 years old of Berlin heights, he was graduated from Edison High School in Milan. He was one of the skilled people, he had been a part of a number of activities in his school time. Including football, track, wrestling, tennis teams and he was also in the school band.

Saviak’s death news made people heavy-hearted, it is a big loss to his family and loved ones. He was part of the Navy, who was serving his country, his loved ones are paying him homage on the internet.  The Nevy has also stated on the Friday on the behalf of Soviak’s family and described him in words, Nevy wrote “a wonderful son who loved his family, his community, and was proud to serve in the U.S. Navy.”

His family needs our moral suport and some private time, may they get better soon. As they lost the pillar of the family, they are really heartbroken and feeling blue. He was a shining star, who was supposed to make his career in the Navy. All the people including his family and the Navy are proud of him, and show their deepest condolence to his family, he will be remembered for his contribution, may Max’s soul rest in peace. For more latest updates around the world keep visiting the page, we will notify you of the next post.


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