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Nazim Moti Net Worth, Business, Wife, Kidnapped Sons


Nazim Moti is one of the businessmen, who has been the talk of the town. If you are a netizen, you must have got to know that #Motibrothers is trading on Twitter. For that number of people are searching, that what is the meaning of that. Do not worry, we will let you know the complete report related to him. As we have mentioned that he is one of the big businessmen, whose marital status is married.

It is sure that his children must be kidnapped for money. Now the family condition is so tense and every one of the family is worried. Tons of people are coming forward to suport him. We will let you know more about him through the post.

Nazim Moti

Nazim Moti’s Four Sons Kidnapped

He was living happily with his wife and children. As far as we know, he is blessed with four children, nowadays he is in trouble. He is the headline of the news after the news came out that his four sons have been kidnapped recently. As we know being a businessman, he has huge wealth, hence people notice his increasing wealth.

Nazim Moti’s family is waiting for their children and they are also waiting for the call from kidnappers. Do you know who is Nazim Moti? As the details he is the owner of Auto Moti, he has been working in the automobile company for more than 25 years.

It is located in Polokwane, in his town he is pretty famous and known for his wealth in South Africa. He deals with luxury cars, his main work is to provide his clients their favorite dream cars at affordable prices. Apart from this he also deals with vintage and classic cars.

Nazim Moti Wife

Nazim Moti is married to his wife, whose name is Shakira Moti. The couple has not shared many details about their personal life. He is not much active on social media, the couple has four sons, their names are Zidan, Zayyad, Alan, and Zia. All are between the age of 6 to 15 years old, and the eldest one is Zia Moti, whose age is 15 years old.

Nazim Moti Net Worth

Nazim Moti’s net worth is not revealed yet, but it is sure he must be having a huge wealth. Being a business, he is earning a good amount of money, money people searching for his net worth. Very soon we will update the post with the rest of the info, we are also standing with him, we pray he gets his children back soon.


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