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Octavio Dotel Net Worth, Salary, Wiki, Bio, Age, Career Earnings


Who is Octavio Dotel? He is an former professional baseball pitcher who played from the side of the Dominican Republic. The played played many professional games from the team. The Octavio Dotel’s net worth is calculated in the millions. He is a successful player with high salary and high profile games. He lost his debut game in the New York Mets team. Dotel has record of playing thirteen major leagues in the MLB teams. In this post, lets read the Octavio Dotel net worth, family, wiki and bio.


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Octavio Dotel Wiki

Octavio Dotel is an American baseball player who played more than 10 major leagues. He was born on November 25, 1973 in USA. The player is 45 years years. He is a famous personality but now in the trouble because of the Caribbean drug ring. He is one of the few players who won both World Series and a World Baseball Classic.

Short Bio

Real Name Octavio Dotel
Birthday November 25, 1973
Birthplace Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Age 45 years
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Profession Baseball Player
Team Detroit Tigers
Career World Series champion
Height 1.83 meter
Weight 104Kg
Wife/Husband Not Married
Net Worth $20 million

Octavio Dotel’s Personal Life

Octavio completed his education and higher studies from the Liceo Cansino Afuera in the Dominican Republic. In 1993, the New York Mets hired him as the free agent. His father name is not known. and mother name is also not revealed. Later, he was promoted and traded to play for the several seasons in the team.

Dating and Girlfriend

Octavio Dotel is married. His wife name is Massiel. Not much information is revealed of his daughters and siblings. His father was murdered.

We haven’t find any information of the Octavio Dotel girlfriend and dating profile.

Octavio Dotel Professional Career

Octavio Dotel made his debut in the team New York Mets team in the 1993. He played out major leagues from different teams.

New York Mets (1999)
Houston Astros (2000–2004)
Oakland Athletics (2004–2005)
New York Yankees (2006)
Kansas City Royals (2007)
Atlanta Braves (2007)
Chicago White Sox (2008–2009)
Pittsburgh Pirates (2010)
Los Angeles Dodgers (2010)
Colorado Rockies (2010)
Toronto Blue Jays (2011)
St. Louis Cardinals (2011)
Detroit Tigers (2012–2013)

Octavio took retirement from the game on at the age of the 40 after pitching 15 seasons for 13 MLB teams.

Octavio Dotel Net Worth

The Octavio Dotel net worth is calculated as $20 Million in the 2019. He started his professional career in 1993 and played for many years. The player got different titles and achievements in the game.

Octavio’s Drug Case

The professional player Octavio Dotel has been detained in the case of drug trafficking and money laundering. The player is in the trouble after the investigation in the case. He is facing serious changes on him. The police investigating the case and checking the links of the player.

Dotel was arrested in August 2019. The more details are not made available to the public related to the case.

On the Social media

Octavio Dotel is active on Instagram where he has 60k supporters. He posted out different pictures on his account featuring the games, friends and team. He is also on the Twitter.


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