Prof. Gita Ramjee Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Profile, Net Worth


    Who was Professor Gita Ramjee? She was a stellar vaccine scientist who worked to fight agaist the HIV pandemic. Her work is notable in the field of health and vaccine. She spend her whole life for ending HIV. Why is trending in media? It is because professor Gita Ramjee died of the Covid-19. She was diagnosed with the coronavirus and died on the March 21, 2020. She was affiliated from the South Africa. She was serving as the Chief Specialist Scientist plus Director of the South African Medical Research. This is a big loss to the nation from the medical field. Get known in detail about Professor Gita Ramjee wiki, bio, age, family and net worth.

    gita ramjee wiki


    Gita Ramjee Wiki

    Gita Ramjee was a scientist who served in the media field for years. She was known for her dedication for ending the HIV pandemic in South Africa. Her work was in specialization in HIV prevention and treatment research. According to reports, her age was in the range 45-55 years at the time of death. Gita was of Indian nationality. Her professional job was in South Africa.

    Gita Ramjee Age

    Real Name: Gita Ramjee
    Birthday: 1970- 1980
    Birthplace: Indian
    Age: 45-55 years
    Nationality: Indian
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Occupation: Professor
    Height: NA
    Religion: Hinduism
    Popular for: Fight to end HIV pandemic
    Children: NA
    Net Worth: Not Known

    Gita Ramjee Career

    Gita Ramjee earned his degree from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London in the Honorary Professorship. At the time of his death, she was on the position of Chief Specialist Scientist plus Director of the South African Medical Research. She was also appreciated for creating awareness inĀ  women and men around the greater Durban area in South Africa. Because of her efforts, the country came out of the HIV pandemic. Who is Gita Ramjee’s husband? Let’s know.

    Gita Ramjee Wife/family


    Well, we can say that the women was married in his life. We don’t have enough information about her husband and children.

    Currently, there is no official details about the Gita Ramjee’s family and personal life. What was the cause of her death?

    Gita Ramjee Cause of Death

    It is reported that Gita Ramjee died because of the Covid-19 complications. There are few more personalities in the world who died because of the corna disease. Also, many stepped forward to donate to fight the corona virus pandemic. Francis Leo Marcos is quite trending on social media for the donations in Philippines.

    COVID-19 is now a big threat to the world. Many prominent personalities are diagnosed with this virus.

    Gita Ramjee Net Worth

    The Gita Ramjee’s exact net worth is not calculated. She spent years in the medic field and worked for the welfare of the society. Gita was the recognized personality in the South Africa. That’s why she was handed the responsibility of the Director of the South African Medical Research. We don’t know how much money she earned in her life but she earned huge respect and love from the people of South Africa. She made her native country India proud.


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