Putri Dahlia Tiktok Anak Nora Ariffin Daughter Viral Video


    Today we are going to talk about a very charming and dashing personality Putri Dahlia. Putri Dahlia is a Tiktok personality in Malaysia and her latest kissing video is highly viral on social media. Putri Dahlia is the daughter of a very famous personality of Malaysia. Read here in detail about the Nora Ariffin daughter Putri Dahlia tiktok, age, boyfriend, bio, family and career.

    putri dahlia tiktok

    Who is Putri Dahlia?

    Putri Dahlia is the daughter of the famous singer of Malaysia, Nora Ariffin. She confirmed her daughter identity after one of the viral video surfaced on the internet this week. Putri is a Tiktok and social media influencer. She also shares her views with people on Twitter.

    Putri Dahlia Age

    Real Name: Putri Dahlia
    Nickname: Putri
    Birth Date: Not Known
    Birth Place: Malaysia
    Age: 22-26 years old
    Profession: Tik Tok Star
    Famous for: Nora Ariffin daughter
    Nationality: Malaysian
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Residence: Malaysia

    Putri Dahlia Tiktok

    The controversy arise after the  viral video on the social media in which Putri Dahlia seen kissing a teenage boy. Dahlia took the Twitter platform to clear up the things to audiences. While her mothe Nora Ariffin requested the fans to give the teenagers some private space and not interfere in the personal matters.

    Putri Dahlia is in the relationship with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, someone recorded her video and uploaded online.

    Many fans also came into the support of the Nora Ariffin and Dahlia.

    Nora Ariffin Career and Life

    Nora Ariffin is one of the very popular personalities in Malaysia in the entertainment industry. She runs her own YouTube channel where she releases her new songs and videos. She gotta millions of subscribers from the country. Her fan following is huge. Nora is 47-years and was born in Kota Bharu.

    She is married lady. Her husband name is Johan Nawawi. From the marriage, she have a girl child named Putri Dahlia.

    Nora Ariffin Daughter Viral Video

    There is hot gossip on the social media platforms after the viral video which surfaced on the internet this week. In the video, two teenagers are seen kissing each other. Acurally, the girl in the video is none other than the daughter of the Malaysian songbird Nora Ariffin. After the news, the netizens flooded the social media with lots of queries and questions. In just few hours, the video became very viral among the fans and Malaysian audience.

    Nora Ariffin is the mother of the girl who is seen in this video. She admitted this on her social media profile.


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