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Rapper Teejayx6 Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Family, Arrested


A young boy who has started making money from scamming people is now getting lots of attention from rap music lovers. This is about the young rapper Teejay Witherspoon aka Teejayx6 who is now making it big by his recently released song called DARK WEB. At the very young age of 12, he was getting involved in scamming activities on twitter and Instagram. But now everything seems to work out fine with him as his rap career got moved a bit forward in recent day. so here in this article, we are going to give you almost every single detail about Teejayx6.

teejayx6 bio

Who is Teejayx6?

Teejay Witherspoon was born and grew up in Eastside Detroit. At a very young age, he had a dream of becoming a well know rapper but due to his scamming habits, he couldn’t focus on his rap carrier. But now he is 18 and doing pretty good in rap business by doing work with such great producers like “METRO BOOMIN” and many other big names. He also claims that he has left the past behind and now he is devoted to making good money from his rap skills. Let’s see how high he can go in the rap industry. We wish him luck.

Teejayx6 Bio:

REAL NAME Teejay Witherspoon
DATE OF BIRTH August 28, 2001
PLACE OF BIRTH Eastside Detroit
AGE (2018) 18 years old
Debut ALBUM Dark Web song
HOW TALL/HEIGHT 5 feet 9 inches
HOMETOWN California

Work and Family

Before he got moved out, Teejay was living with his mother. In early 2019 he decided to leave his mama’s house and started to live life on his own. when he was about 13 years old he started to listen to an Atlanta rapper Moneyman and highly inspired by him. He also felt motivated by many great artists like LIL WAYNE, CHIEF KEEF and many others. As we talk about his early life you will get to know that he was pretty good at scamming people, I mean he used to it a lot. As per sources says he started making his first money by selling fake products on twitter. However, selling drugs would have been a great crime.

Professional career

When it comes to making music this boy is truly insane. Since April 2019 he dropped two E.P, one mixtape and many other singles with great artists, including METRO BOOMIN. His debut EP “crime pays” has some fine tracks, such as flint water and swipe siblings. Listeners from all across the world been enjoying especially his recently released single “Dark web”. His second EP “Miami sessions” was released on June 2019 which also has some great tracks. when he was at his early stage of dropping music he used Soundcloud to help himself out. Now he is doing a great job as he got 40k followers on SoundCloud, 214k followers on Instagram and thousands of followers on twitter.

Teejayx6 Net Worth

As per sources says, Teejayx6 got a net worth of USD 250 thousand as he also earning money from non-specific resources, other than rap money, which he hasn’t revealed yet. But we will find out soon. Started from a young age of 12 he was kind of making money a wrong way, which he admitted. But as you can see how much fan following he got now, he will soon get more than he deserves from rap music. if you want to know the upcoming news about Teejayx6 kindly stick to us. we are much likely to help you get it.

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