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Ratan Khatri Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Property, Death


Sad news for the people of Mumbai, who play gambling games because the famous person known as ‘Matka King’ died on Saturday. He is one of the biggest gamblers of Mumbai city. As per the information, he is one of the first person, who started gambling in India. He died on the last Sunday, he died naturally. According to the sources, he died in his home only, he was not in a hospital when he died. Today’s article is going to be on him only, we have provided almost every information available regarding him in this article. We hope you would like the provided information, and if you like the above information. Please, comments below your opinion.

ratan khatri wiki

Ratan Khatri Wiki

Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding his real birthdate. What we know is that he died at the age of 88 years old. He died in Tardeo, Mumbai. He was a private person, he does not love to share his persona detail with anyone. Further, there is no information available, not the internet regarding his parent, whether he has siblings or not. He operates gambling on a big level, and this type of gambling is illegal in India but he operates it at his own risk, and that’s why he becomes so famous ‘Matka King’.

Ratan Khatri Born In Which Country

Surprisingly, he was born in Karachi, Pakistan. He came to India when the partition took place. As per the resources, we have come to know that he was a teenager when he migrates to India from Pakistan in 1947 during the time of separation. When he came to India, he has no house to live, and no food to eat. He uses to beg at that time, but later he became the biggest gambler of India.

When Matka Gambling Become Famous In India

Ratan Khatri came to India in 1947, and at that time he was a teenager. Later, he starter gambling on a small level, and after some time he used to operate with some big gamblers. Later, he begins his own gambling game in the early 1960s. According to the sources, in the 1960s the youngster of India mainly youngsters of Mumbai show their interest in gambling games. And just like that, the game becomes an addiction to so many people in the city. In simple words, in the 1960s, gambling becomes a popular income source of people. Thanks for reading the article, we hope you like the information given above in the blog.

Ratan Khatri Net Worth

Ratan Khatri is considered as the biggest gamblers of Mumbai city. He earned huge from the business. His worth in the core rupees as he was one of the popular gambler in India. He bet huge money and also made double from the invested money. His exact worth and property is not revealed. But he was very popular for his gambling play and bets. His family and wife details are not revealed yet. He died in Maharashtra on Saturday at an old age.


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