Madison Police Reginald Patterson Adult Video Leaked In Car, Twitter Link


    One of the viral news on the internet was that a Wisconsin Police lieutenant has given a resignation later after he was caught in sexual activity. The video is getting viral on the internet and tons of netizens are sharing this one on different social media platforms. Now it has made a headline, this video is being searched by lots of people. If you are one of them then do read the post, we will let you know about this such as Reginald Patterson Adult Video Leaked In Car, Twitter Link to watch.

    Reginald Patterson Adult Video Leaked In Car, Twitter Link

    Madison Police Reginald Patterson

    The person, who has been caught in the scandal, was a Wisconsin police lieutenant, he has not resigned after he got to know that he has been found guilty. He was engaged in wrong or sexual activity in the police car which is completely illegal. That car belonged to Madison Police Department.

    After the incident, the police department has made an announcement of the resignation of Lt. Reginald Patterson. On the 16th of September this year, the video was posted on Twitter, now it went viral. The person who recorded the video from the outside of the car, his name is Marcel Scott. He is the eyewitness of the incident.

    Marcel Scott is also gaining lots of attention these days on social media, he is being popular. As per the report, a bystander in the month of September has found an offer to do something inside the black squad car. The car was parked in the Madison Farm and Fleet store. Reginald Patterson leaked a private video that is being shared and searched by the people.

    Video Leaked In Car Twitter Link

    All of a sudden the police department has taken action the offer was terminated. He has violated many department policies, Patterson had been servicing as a police officer since the year 2006 no further details have been related on the internet.

    On google, thousands of people are searching for the link to Patterson’s leaked and viral video. You might find this on other websites because it would have been deleted so far. But as per our knowledge still, you can find the video on Twitter. For more latest updates you need to visit this website over and over, we will bring trending and viral news.


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