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Rosie Mattio (Fitness Influencer) Used Cannabis, Net Worth, Instagram


Rosie Mattio is one of the most searching people, you will see ever at present. She is professionally an owner of Mattio Communications, as per the source sh has made a headline when the news came out that she used cannabis for her fitness. Many people are sharing this news on the internet. Netizens want to know that who is she, her profile, and more. To more latest information related to her, keep reading the post, we will let you Rosie Mattio’s wiki, age, weight, net worth, and more.

Rosie Mattio

Rosie Mattio (Fitness Influencer) Used Cannabis

Rosie has become more popular after she won her first fitness championship, as per her statement, she has avoided alcohol and used weed, this is what helped her to win. She has been providing marketing and communication services for a number of years. As per the information her organization deals with IR social media marketing, SEO, event organizing, and influencer marketing among other benefits. In her career, she is one of the rising personalities, who has won so many awards in her career.

Rosie is known for being the owner of a marketing firm and as a fitness influencer. On her social media sites, she has an immense fan following, which is increasing in the course of time. She has got more names and fame after winning fitness champion. Along with her experiment, she got huge attention she used weed to win the championship, her decision is trending on the internet.

Rosie Mattio Age

Mattio is a fitness freak and pays full attention to her health, to see her latest pics and videos on her social media handles. When she was preparing for the bodybuilding competition, she thought to use cannabis and the effect of that was positive. Rosie Mattio’s age is not given nor her date of birth is here, we will be right with the missing details. She won the competition in Florida, which she uses to supplement and promotes through her popularity.

Rosie Mattio Net Worth

As of now, Mattio has an estimated net worth of $70 million USD. Most of the money she earns through her marketing business, which was launched in 2005. Rest of the money she has earned as a fitness influencer. On her official Instagram account, she has more than 1.6K followers under the username @rosiemattio.


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