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Sabrina Prater Leaked Video(@sabrinapreter625) Age, Boyfriend


One name is trending on the internet and all the social media platforms, which is Sabrina Prater. She is known to be one of the famous Tiktok stars and social media influencers. Everyone is talking about her these days, you might be in the swim about her. That is why we have prepared this post, which is all about her, we will let you know Sabrina Prater’s TikTok, age, boyfriend, net worth, family, and more.

Sabrina Prater

Sabrina Prater Tiktok

One of the top-notch Tiktok stars, whose name is Sabrina Prater. you will be shocked to know that he is actually a guy, who is recognized for his comedy videos in which he dresses like a girl. On his Tiktok account, you can find out a number of videos. He is wearing girl’s outfits and black pointed leather boots. His kind of videos has got huge attention on the internet.

Who Is Sabrina Prater?

Sabrina Prater’s real name is Franklin Prater, who is mainly recognized by his stage name. Being a famous Tiktok star, you can find it on every social media platform, such as Insta, Twitter, Tiktok, and more. His comedy videos as a girl are the best, which are liked by his fans.

On Sabrina Prater’s total account he has 167.2K followers along with 1.8 million likes. Sabrina Prater’s TikTok username is @sabrinaprater625, even people are unable to recognize him as a man, Sabrina Prater’s TikTok videos are so entertaining, his videos are millions of likes.

Sabrina Prater Age, Boyfriend

As of now the TikTok star, Sabrina Prater age is 34 years old. His exact date of birth is not given but as per our calculation, he was born in 1987. So far he has not featured on Wikipedia. To get popularity, he has decided to get up like a girl, and his idea was successful.

Till now he has not disclosed his personal information including his parents’ names are and their profession. Neither he is open up about his love life that he has a girlfriend and not, it is still under review.

@sabrinapreter625 Leaked Videos

as become the center of attraction because he has been banned from TikTok. He has violated the policy after he posted nudity or adult content on TikTok. IT has shocked lots of people and gone viral in a short time.

Sabrina Prater’s adult or x-rated video is being circulated on the internet, some users are searching for Sabrina Prater’s private video, it might have been deleted from online platforms for inappropriate content.


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