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    One of the viral news is here, which is all about Samuel Paty, who was a middle-high school teacher, that can be one of the worst news that he was killed by the boy, who is 18 years old, the teacher was murdered by him, as per the source, the boy has been shot too by the police, though this article you will know the matter, and who was Samuel, for what he was known and what happened to him, let’s discover his age, height, life, career, and many more things.

    samuel paty wiki

    Who is Samuel Paty?

    He was born in 1973, he was a middle-high school teacher, and he was also an entrepreneur, he is from Paris, France. He was a French teacher, who used to teach students, now the viral news is that he is being the headline of the news, and millions of people are looking for the info related to him, and searching his over, he was murdered by the boy who was Muslim-Russian, his name is Abdoullakh Anzorov, he was 18 years old, the incident took place on Friday on 16 of Oct 2020. You will know top to bottom of the incident in the next paragraph.

    Samuel Paty Wiki

    Name: Samuel Paty
    Date of Birth: 1973
    Date of Death: Oct 16, in 2020 on Friday
    Birthplace: Paris, France
    Zodiac: Pisces
    Religion: Christian
    Age: 47 years old
    Status: Married
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Professor and Entrepreneur
    Nationality: French
    Net Worth: NA

    Samuel Paty death by Islamic Boy

    This incident took place on the 16th of Oct, in 2020, the teacher Samuel Paty, was one of the good teachers who had the ability to speak in the class freely, once the boy, who is 18 years old and he is Muslim-Russian boy, and his name was Abdoullakh Anzorov, he was living in France for 12 years, was standing at the entry gate, was waiting for him, he has a knife 12 inches by which he killed him brutally, as per the source for some Muslim, any portrayal of the prophet Muhammad is assumed irreverent, there were some demonstrated cartoons as a featured of the conversation Naked pics Islamic Prophet Muhammad. As per the source he was killed and shot by the police after the incident.

    Samuel Paty Height Weight

    As of 2020, he was 47 years old, at the time of death, talking about his physical appearance, his height is 5 feet 8 inches and his weight is 143 kg, he has Grey eye color and brown hair color, he had a good personality being a professor, he had good knowledge and used be respected by the students.

    Samuel Paty Personal Life

    Moving forward his personal life, he was born in the Paris, France, and raised by his parents, as per the source, he has never revealed about his parents so hence there is no info related to his mom and dad, as we know he is married, and he has a son by the grace of the God, now it is such a hard moment for all of his loved once, including his wife and son, what will become of them after his death, they need our support and peace, our condolence is also with his family and loves one, may his soul rest in peace #Samuel Paty.


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