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Steve Pankey Wikipedia, Arrest, Charges, Killer


Steve Pankey is the headline of the news, people are searching for Steve Pankey wiki and bio. Do you know who is Steve Pankey? He has run twice for the governor of Idaho, but he was unsuccessful both times, his first strive as a candidate was unsuccessful with his loss at the Republican primary on May 15, 2018. Now he has been put behind the bars, yes he was arrested, do you know why Steve Pankey was arrested? Let’s find out every single thing related to him, we will let you know more about him.

Steve Pankey

Steve Pankey Wiki

As per the latest report, Steve Pankey has been handcuffed because he is the culprit of the murder of Jonelle Matthews, who has been disappeared over three decades earlier. He was accused of killing a girl, who was just 12 years old, her name is Jonelle Mattews. Jonelle’s body has been found last year and there were lots of hits that it was a murder.

Steve Pankey Kille of Jonelle Mattews

This politician has got failed governor candidate from Idaho State, Pankey has not been featured on Wikipedia yet. In the past he had given his candidacy two times for the governor position and lost both of the times, in the month of May in 2018, he has lost Brad little for the position while he was ranked relatively lower in the panelist. Steve was in the fifth position in the election result list with has just 1.4 percent of the votes, he had only 2704 votes in his account. Now he is in jail and he has been charged with kidnapping, murdering, and hiding the body of a minor child. In Oct 2021, he was assigned to the trial for the case.

Steve Pankey Arrested?

Steve Pankey’s age and family details are not made public, hence we can not say anything about his personality. On the internet many people are searching for Steve Pankey’s age, wife and parents. We are also waiting for further details, as soon we find out, we will let you know on the same page. In August 2019, Jonelle’s family was finally given her body and they could perform her funeral, Steve Pankey is one of his downgraded politicians, who has lost his image, for more latest updates keep visiting this site, we will be right back with a new post.


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