Home News Steve Stephens Killed Robert Sr Full Live Video of Murder & Shooting

Steve Stephens Killed Robert Sr Full Live Video of Murder & Shooting


Steve Stephens is mainly is the headline of the news because he is the killer of Robert Godwin Sr. in broad daylight back in the mother of April in 2017. As per his statement, he was aggressive against his girlfriend. You might know about the matter, if you are finding more details then do come along with us, This post is all about this matter, Rober Sr was the elder citizen, who was a father of 10 children, tons of people are seeking more details related to Robert and Steve Stephens.

Steve Stephens Killed Robert Sr

Steve Stephens Shooting Live Video

Robert was one of the loved and cherished people, he used to be loved by his family members. His death news has hit people’s homes, they are expressing their condolence to his family and paying his tribute. His loved ones are going through a rough time, as they need our mental support. As per the report, after Steve killed Robert and he also shot himself at the end. It was a day when Steve was having the late-night patty and picking cans from his backyards after the last night of Eastern Celebration with his kids.

There is also a video on Facebook, which went viral among people these days. In the video, we can see Steve shooting Robert, as per further updates, Robert Sr.’s family has filed a lawsuit against Facebook to show video. Now it has been removed due to inappropriate content.

Robert Sr. Shot Full Facebook Video

Robert was shot in the head on Sunday by the culprit. We do not know, that why the Facebook platform did not take any action gains the cruelty of the stream. It made all visible to the viewers, which was not even worth watching. After some time, Facebook has apologized to all its user for its mistake and in the next 22 minutes, it blocked Steve’s account. Later in the year 2018, FB was dismissed from the case.

There are tons of people, who are showing their interest in the matter, and they are bent on searching this on the internet. Many netizens are also searching for the Live Death video of Robert Sr. May Robert’s and Steve’s soul rest in peace, we will let you know more further updates on the same post. So stay connected with us, we will send you a notification as soon as we post more latest news.


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