Home News Tessa Ballam Bullied Myer Committed Suicide, Death Cause, Age

Tessa Ballam Bullied Myer Committed Suicide, Death Cause, Age


One of the most viral news at present, which is spreading like a fire. The Myer, name Tessa Ballam has committed suicide and became the headline of the news. People are shocked to know that, she is no more now, as soon as the news came out and it went viral. People are going through social media sites, they are bent on searching Tessa Ballam’s death cause, age, net worth, and more.

Tessa Ballam Bullied Myer

Tessa Ballam Wiki

Tessa Ballam was previously an accountant, who used to work at Myer. Now she has committed suicide after she fell victim to workplace bullying, as per the latest information, she has stated to other family and friends that she was being bullied at her workplace. We also got to know that she was a high performer and had a high IQ.

Tessa Ballam was a successful woman in his life, as per the court hearing. There were some issues at the workplace with Tessa’s work quality and her lateness. She thought her manager was uncertain and treated her as a child, the same standards, which applied to her were not applied to other colleagues.

Tessa Ballam Commited Sucide

After that when Tessa Ballam’s work issue reached to head at Myer performance review. The Court of Victoria started to investigate Ballam, the motive of the investigation was to check concerns presented by her family about the misbehavior or mistreatment by the start at Myer.

Tessa Ballam Age

At the time of death, Tessa Ballam was 31 years old, she had lost her life on August 15, 2015, and her cause of death was suicide. This was the day when she received a warning letter from her manager about her work issue. She lost her confidence and was wearing down, after being depressed with negative thoughts she committed suicide.

Tessa Ballam Death Cause

Tessa Ballam used to live in Melbourne, before her death, she has purchased property along with her parents. Now she was excited to enjoy Christmas with her family, unfortunately, it could not happen. Tessa Ballam’s parents are heartbroken, they are facing a rough time in their lives.

After she was bulled or received the official warning she faced lots of issues in her life. She has depression, a history of disordered eating, traits of borderline personality disorder, and anxiety. This is what let her to the death, may her soul rest in peace we express our deep condolence to her family and loved ones.


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