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“The Lion King” Jason Weaver Net Worth 2019 Rises to Millions


Who is Jason Weaver? He is an American actor and artist who is best known for his acting into the movies. He appeared in the The WB sitcom Smart Guy in the role of Marcus Henderson which made him popular among audiences. But this time, the actor making headlines because of Disney’s big project “The Lion King”. He made millions for his acting and voice to the “The Lion King”. Disney earns highest profits from the animated movies and cartoons. The Lion King merchandise is one of the most popular in world. Now, Jason Weaver has been signed for the upcoming movies for the merchandise which will boost Jason’s worth by millions. In this post, read about the Jason Weaver net worth 2019, biography and salary.

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Jason Weaver Wiki

Jason Weaver is popular known as “J-Weav”. He was born on July 18, 1979 in Chicago, Illinois. He is 40-years old. He also released his singles “One Call Away” which ranked at position position 2 on the Billboard 100 list. He also voiced as Simba in the 2014 Disney film. His debut album released “Love Ambition” on June 27, 1995.

Jason Weaver Bio

Real Name Jason Michael Weaver
Birthday July 18, 1979 
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Age 40 years
Nationality American
Ethnicity Balck
Hometown USA
Martial Status Not available
Wife Name NA
Height NA
Occupation Actor, Singer
Income Not revealed
Net Worth $4 Million

Jason Weaver Professional Career

Jason Weaver started his professional career with the show Brewster Place in 1990. He proved his acting skills in the industry. He grew up slowly and worked in different movies and albums. His most notable work includes “The Lion King” as Simba voice. He is also a recording artist.

The singles in which the actor featured is:

“Stay with Me” (1996)
Love Ambition (Call on Me) released in (1995)
I Can’t Stand the Pain  arrived in 1995
“One Call Away” (Chingy featuring J-Weav) in 2004.

His many of the hit singles ranked into the top positions of the country charts.

Who is Jason Weaver wife?

The actor Jason Weaver is married. His wife name is not revealed.

The actor is the proud father of the one son, Jaylen. The two lives together.

There is not enough information available about Jason Weaver’s wife, family, siblings and children.

Yet, no updates came about his girlfriend.

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Jason Weaver Net Worth

The Jason Weaver net worth is calculated as $4 million in 2019. His worth and income increased manifolds after getting signed up by the giant animation movie-maker Disney for the project “The Lion King”. In the past, he has made $2 million from the Disney’s “the Lion King”.

He fetched good salary for his job and acting into the movies. He now signed a new contract deal with Disney for future projects.

Jason Weaver signed with Disney

Disney has signed Jason Weaver for its upcoming “The Lion King” merchandise. He has been getting millions for the work.

He also won the Young Artist Award for the performance Outstanding Young Performers Starring in a Mini-Series for “The Lion King”.

Jason Weaver is active on the Instagram with more than 150K followers supporting him on social media.


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