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Tiger King Mario Tabraue Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth


Today’s article is based on Mario Tabraue, who is presently operating a private zoo. As per the information, before he runs a zoo, he was a drug dealer. Yes, you heard it right, he was involved in notorious drug smuggling once. And for doing this he was sentenced in prison. Currently, he is out of prison and living with his wife in Maimi. The zoo which he is running at present titled “Zoological Wildlife Foundation”. Now he has become popular all across the world, and you would like to know that very soon, we all will going to see him on Netflix’s series tilted “Tiger King”. His increasing popularity obligated us to create the article because a number of searches related to him are lots of. So you want to know every single thing related to him then stay on the same post. It has his age, career, weight, height, net worth and more. So let’s get started.

mario tabraue wiki

Mario Tabraue Wiki

There is no accurate or authentic information regarding his age but by looking at his pictures, we can say that he is around 55 to 6o years old. He has Cuban-American nationality and has white ethnicity. He is currently living with his wife in Maria. His father’s name is Guillermo and his mother’s name is unknown yet. He is active on social media platforms, Instagram. He has thousands of followers over Instagram. His current profession is Zookeeper. As per the source, he has come into the limelight after being the main part of the documentary film on Netflix, in which he is shown as Miami’s bigger drug dealer.

Mario Tabraue Age

 Real Name: Mario Tabraue
Date of Birth: NA
Birthplace: NA
Gender: Male
Age: 55 to 65 years  old
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Profession: ZooKeeper
Father’s Name: Guillermo
Mother’s Name: Not Revealed
Net Worth: 72 Million USD as of now
Wife: Maria
Relationship Status: Married

Mario Tabraue Wife

Before we tell you his current relationship status, we would like to tell you that he is divorce. His former wife left him alone because he was involved in smuggling. When she got aware of his drug smuggling, she divorces him. But the most shocking thing about him is that he killed his former wife in 1981. And if we talk about his current relationship status, we would like to tell you that he is living a happy life with his second wife.

Mario Tabraue Tiger King

Mario Tabraue became a popular personality in the USA after Netflix’s documentary Tiger King. This show is all about the life of Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin and Mario Tabraue. His foundation is popular in the world and receives worldwide donation for the protection and care of the animal and their resources. He earned a lot of money from the business and animals. He has been an interesting personality, for whom people long to know,  so far he has gained 48.8K followers on Instagram.

As per the information, he was also prisoned for many years as he kept some endangered species of animals. Additionally, he was arrested with 10,000 pounds of weed, and at that time, his smuggling net worth is around $72 million. Once he was involved in drug trafficking, because of than he was sentenced to prisons, now he is out of and getting the good attention of people.

Mario Tabraue Net Worth

As per the 2021 net worth report, Mario Tabraue’s net worth is $72 million USD. We would like to inform you all that he is earning a great amount of money through his profession. And currently, he has more than one source of earning. He earns from Instagram, and from the zoo as well. The major source of his earning comes from Zoo. Thanks for reading this article, and for giving your valuable time in reading this article. We hope you like the information mentioned in the article. Stay tuned for more and the latest updates.


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