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Tik Tok Mattia Polibio Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend


So, as we all know that TikTok has become an indispensable part of the teenagers. Teenagers are quite crazy about this social media video app for creating and sharing short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. Nowadays, this Chinese app becomes one of the easiest ways to become popular on social media because it is present on every social media app either it is Instagram or Facebook everywhere Tik Tok has been expanded and entertaining the people that are active on social media. However, there are some videos and Tik Tokers that make ridiculous videos but there are also some showing some genuine talent and just because of their talent they grab the title of Tik Tok Star and Mattia Polibio is one of the best Tik Tok Stars currently active.

mattia polibio bio

Mattia Polibio Wiki

Mattia Polibio who is an Italian guy from Totowa New Jersey, born on 16th May 2003, Polibio is ruling the Tik Tok these days. The young boy Polibio has an immense number of followers on Tik Tok that is more than 1.2 million in the exact figures. Mattia started his Tik Tok Journey from the previous year of 2018 as his initial videos on his Tik Tok account have been dated before 2018 November. Even his first video has collected a million likes that is a kind of milestone in itself.

Mattia Polibio Age

Real Name Mattia Polibio
Birthday May 16, 2003
Birthplace Totowa, New Jersey
Age 16 year
Nationality Italian
Ethnicity NA
Occupation Tik Tok, Vlogger
Father NA
Mother NA
Married/Wife Not Married
Girlfriend NA
Height 5 feet 10 inches(assumed)
Net Worth NA

Mattia Polibio on Tik Tok

Mattia Polibio receives quite positive and favorable reactions on his Tik Tok videos and that is why he plenty of fans who love him and like him. He never fails to amaze each and every of his fans with his comedy and full of talented videos. Along with comedy videos, Polibio also does Lip-Sync, duet creator and post Vlogs. Recently he uploads a reaction video on the new season of Stranger Things that is quite popular web-series. There is no doubt that Mattia Polibio has achieved worldwide fame with his extremely excellent talent.

Mattia Polibio Height and Career

According to his age Polibio surely pursuing his higher studies in school, however, the information of his school has not disclosed anywhere and neither any information of his parents and love life. According to some posts of his Social Media, it assumes that Polibio has a height of 5 ft 10 inch, has a black color hair and eyes as well.

The 16-year-old boy started his Tik Tok Journey in the 2018 November as we mentioned above. In his starting days, he used to post only duet videos but as he started getting a response from his fans he started uploading his single act videos and that too got a huge response from the Polibio fans and as time passed he gained a majority of fans on the Tik Tok. Now, Tik Tok Star post every type of video including comedy, Lip-Sync, duets, and accompanying with fellow Tik Tok Stars.

Mattia Polibio Net Worth

As Polibio is a Tik Tok Star he is quite often active on Tik Tok, has gained fans over 940,000 along with more than 39,000 likes from his account. He is also active on Instagram and Facebook. On Instagram, he also has massive followers as same as Tik Tok. Currently, he has 414k followers on Instagram just with only 7 Posts that show he does not use Instagram regularly. There is none of any information about his net worth as it assumes that he is still a minor and might living with his parents.



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