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Tik Tok Star Devan Nicole Elayda Was Killed, Age, Boyfriend


Devan Nicole Elayda is one of the tiktok users, who has made the headline after her death. We are said to tell you that a young woman and emerging star has died recently. At the time of her death, she was just 23 years old, she was from Fresno. As per the report, we got to know that she was killed in the hit-and-run accident near Cedar Avenue in the early hours of Saturday. This incident has taken place on the 27th of November in 2021. Let’s find out more about this, we will let you everything about Devan Nicole Elayda’s death, age, tiktok, age, family.

Devan Nicole Elayda

Who Was Tik Tok Star Devan Nicole Elayda?

As per the statement of the California Highway Patrol, the woman was driving a car down Highway 180, after she decided to change the seats with a fellow passenger, for that she came out of the vehicle in the central median of the highway. Later a silver 2017-2020 Lexus IS crashed into Nicole, in the incident she has passed away.

Devan Nicole Elayda Family

After her sudden death, the money of her loved ones and family members have started to mourn. It is the right time for all of them, several are posting her pictures on social media sites and paying her tribute. In a hard time, we are with her family and relatives, we also express our deepest condolence to her family, may her soul rest in peace. At present, her family needs some private time, and we should respect their privacy.

Devan Nicole Elayda Killed In Hit & Run

As per the information provided by officials, the driver who hit her did not stop to admit her to the hospital and any medical help. Later she was found dead on the spot, as of now investigation is going on, and police are looking for the Lexus ID and its owner, the vehicle is completely damaged from the front site and number.

Devan Nicole Elayda Age

Devan was a young and emerging star, she was 23 years old student, apart from this, she was also a content creator, fashion, and beauty influencer. Most of the time she was active on Tiktok and gained more than 50K followers.

On her Instagram account, she had 5K followers, she is one of the beautiful women, who were growing, on her social media sites you can see some latest pics she posted before her death. For more latest updates keep reading viral and trending topics on the same site.


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