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Tiktok Girl Gets Head Chopped Off Viral Video (duckpack51)


The latest viral video which is breaking over the internet is the Tiktok video in which a girl gets her head chopped off. What is the reality of the video? There are different theories circulating on the web over this video. The video horrified the social media users who accidentally watched it? Those who watched the video shared their reactions and emotions on social media. Perhaps the video originated from Spain as it contains Spanish content too. Does no one know how this video came on the internet and became viral? Few theories are relating this video with the Mayengg03. Get more details of the Mayengg03 viral video and facts below.

Who is Mayengg03?

It is still a mystery who shared this horrific video on the Tiktok. A few days back a viral video tagged with the name Mayengg03 uploaded on Tiktok in which a girl seen performing dance but later it was deleted by the Tiktok for the violation of Tiktok rules. Are both girls the same in the video or different? There are lots of questions and doubts among the users after the video surfaced out on the internet. The web is fully loaded with disturbing content, pictures, and clips of the video.

Tiktok Girl Gets Head Chopped Off

The video which is viral on social media and other third-party platforms is very disturbing. We warn the audiences to be careful and don’t watch the video. The video starts with the dance of a girl and then the scene changes where a girl gets her head chopped off. The duckpack51 Blogspot com is shared by a lot of members where one may can find the video. But it contains sensitive material which should not be watched by the normal man. Many are demanding an investigation into this matter and video.

More information

No detailed information is yet known about this video. It is being said that it is liked by the Mexican cartel. The truth behind this video is yet to come out. One should refrain from watching disturbing and violent content on social media. The girl’s video is already very viral in different countries. There are also many fake things being shared with the users behind it so be careful. Tiktok already removed all such content from its platform which violates the rules. The other details and truth of the video will be shared soon here on this page.


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