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Tiktok Grayson Dolan Age, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth, Tattoos


Grayson Dolan hails from New Jersey, United States. He is a social media personality and content creator. He created content on YouTube alongside his twin Ethan Donal and rose to fame together. They have hit a milestone on youtube and have an exponential number of 10 million. But in early 20201 they announced that they are leaving YouTube. Read Grayson Dolan age, height, net worth, family. 

Who is Grayson Dolan?

He is a public figure and is well known for his content on YouTuber, an actor, and a comedian. He holds a vine account with 3.4 million fans and her loving sister has a profile with around 100000 followers. He also won the teen choice award (in 2016). He and his brother are twins and are completely identical. They have a quiet personality and are attractive. He started posting on youtube in 2013. He has a strong bond with his siblings. Moreover, he also won a wrestling match against his twin. At present they are gearing up with the actress Makenzie Foy.

Grayson Dolan
Grayson Dolan

Grayson Dolan Biography

Name: Grayson Dolan
Birth Date: 16 December 1999
Birth Place: Wellston, United States
Age: 21 years old
Occupation: Content creator, actor, and a comedian
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $3 million

Grayson Dolan Age

He is 21 along with his twin. Their videos are so engaging and they never fail to smile at audiences and also collaborate with other YouTubers as well. 

Grayson Dolan Career

He rose to fame and got a lot of attention after posting a couple of videos on different social media including youtube. He and his twin became famous and also the founder of awesomeness TV, signed the twin’s channel. They are also working with an actress Mackenzie Foy. He and his brother are seen working with unity and brotherhood and what makes them special is their attachment towards each other. The positivity and humor that they embody is the major key to their success. People are obsessed with their videos.

Grayson Height Weight

He has a height of 6 feet and weighs around 78 kg. He is light brown in color and his hair is brown in color. His appearance is quite appealing and hence never fails to impress anyone. Girls get heads over heels by his Instagram post.

Grayson Dolan Family 

His father’s name is Sean Dolan who was a principal at a New Jersey school. Unfortunately, his dad died due to cancer. His mother’s name is Lisa Donal who is the owner of her hair salon.

Grayson Dolan Girlfriend

He is in a relationship with a 20-year-old girl. Not much information about their relationship is disclosed. Will update this page if known.

Grayson Dolan Net Worth

He is a successful personality and gained huge fame. He is estimated to have around $3million. However, his exact net worth is not revealed. Will be informed if known. He and his brother both carved a niche and established their reputation.


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