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Tiktoker Slay Queen’s Viral Death Video Was Killed, Murderer Black Axe


One of the viral news these days, where one of the popular and well know Tik tokers has passed away, she has not died naturally, actually, she was killed by a Black Axe. Still, many people are confused that this news is real or not because it is hard to believe. Salay’s murder video has gone viral these days, people are shocked and they continue searching for her on the internet. Through this post, you will come to know Slay’s death, viral videos, Tiktik, and more.

Slay Death Vidoe

 Tik Tok Slay Queen Death Video

Slay was a famous tiktoker, whose tiktok vidoe went viral these days. She was from Nigeria, who has been killed recently on the 29th of September in 2021, her killer is supposed to be the Black Axe Ground. Ther is her murder video or you can say Slay’s killing video, which is being viral.

Being a TikTok, she had an impressive fan following on social media sites, she was an emerging star, who used to make tiktok videos. Her content used to be liked by tons of people, she was pretty active on social media sites and used to share her latest details with her fans.

Slay Queen Killed By Black Axe Group

Black Axe Cultist ground is being linked with her death, On the internet a video, in which we can see a cultist sang, it is getting viral these days. The Tik tok star has also promoted the cultist growing by using their hand signature in her Tiktok videos. There is another Slay’s death video, in which we can clearly see Slay has been captured and murdered.

Slay Queen Death Reason

Slay’s death news has created the buzz on the internet, as per the state of the police, Slay was brutally killed by destroying her internal organs. In Slay’s viral death video, she can be seen without being closed and brutalized to death. She was asking for mercy, but a group of cult boys beaten him. It is a disturbing video, people are not allowed to watch it.

As per the online investigation, the group of cultists is being traced by the police and trying to find the exact reason for Slay’s death. This incident took place in Ghana, Slay Queen used to be known as Perri, she was also hospitalized but could not be saved.


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