Home News Tiwa Savage Sex Tape Video Leaked! Viral download link

Tiwa Savage Sex Tape Video Leaked! Viral download link


Tiwa Savage is not the lady in an incredible s¬£xtape that has been trending online. Rather, it’s her lookalike and rapper Arkeisha Antoinette Knight – better known as Kash Doll!

Tiwatope’s life is a beautiful, music-filled story that started in Nigeria and continued on to London. She grew up singing with her church choir before moving onto pop songs by artists such as George Michael and Mary J who she would later collaborate with for their album recordings or when they guest starred on TV shows.

She is facing backlash for the latest leaks and viral videos on the social media. She said her side in an interview and said that someone trying to blackmail her.

Tiwa Savage Age

Tiwa Savage is the award-winning, 47-year old star of Instagram fame with 13 million followers. She was born as Tiwatope “Tifa” Or Babalogun but goes by Tiwa now to keep up her African heritage! This musical prodigy began singing at an early age and won many awards for songs like #CheckMate from 2009 which you can find on SoundCloud or YouTube if your curious about who she really is behind this popular social media persona.

Tiwa Savage Sex Tape Leaked

Tiwa’s life has been turned upside down since the release of her sex tape. According to Tiwas lover who accidentally posted it on Snapchat, he quickly deleted it after realising its error and now someone wants money from him for “protection” against any more leaks or public scrutiny – but she said that this is not something new as people have always looked at them with envy; however what scares them most would be if their secret was revealed out into open without control over where things go next!

The video is spreading like fire on the different channels and platforms lilke youtube, reddit and twitter.

There are many fake links are being shared by the users on the social media. Beware of the fake and scam links because the cyber team working to track down and bring down the video from the social meida. If any found linked in the controversy will face legal actions.

Tiwa Savage informed that someone trying to blackmail her by uploading the private videos to social media. Tiwa is now a viral and trending topic in Nigeria.

There are different clips of Tiwa Savage which gone viral with his current boyfriend. She is getting mixed reactions from fans on Twitter.


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