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Torento Houdini Rapper Wiki, Age, Bio, Real name, Height, Net Worth


One shocking and sad news for the fans of Houdini Rapper that Houdini has died today in Toronto. Yes, you all read it right, this information was directly confirmed by the Toronto police department. He was just 21 years old, he was originally born in Toronto, Ontario. He became so famous around the world only with his hard work and dedication, he has worked hard to achieve major milestones but unfortunately, he is no longer alive. His most popular songs through which he receives fame and popularity all over the world are “Late Nights”, “Bachseats”, etc. We would also like to inform all our visitors that rapper Houdini also signed contracts with Pressa, Robin Bands. If you all want to know more about Houdini rapper than we suggest you all read the further blog. In the further blog, you will be going to know about Houdini wiki, how he died, where he died, why he comes to Toronto, net worth, etc.

Houdini Rapper Wiki

His real birth name is Houdini, he is 21 years old when he died. He was originally born in Toronto, and he was born in 1999. He has black ethnicity. There is no information available regarding his zodiac sign, nationality, date of birth, his parent’s name, etc. We want to tell our readers that as soon as we get to know about all this information, we will update this article. We suggest that all of you read this article after some time, we hope that by then we will have updated this article.

Houdini Rapper Age

Full Name: Houdini
Famous For: Rapping & Social Media Influencer
Birth Year: 1999
Died: May 27th, 2020
Age: 21 Years old
Nationality: Unknown
Zodiac Sign: Unknown

Why Houdini Come To Toronto From Los Angeles

According to the sources, we have come to know that he arrived in Toronto from Los Angeles because he has to shot one rapping video. But he does not know that this video is going to be his last video. Further, some sources said that there were two more people found with Houdini in the incident place. As per the police department there are 3 victims found at the incident spot, out of them 1 victim was dead, and the other two were seriously injured. The two victims who were found alive on the incident spot is a woman and a man. His death news just shocked everyone in the Toronto. The investigations are going on the check the matter from the different angles. Such suicide case had been increased since last few years.

Houdini Rapper Net Worth

First, we would like to talk about his income source. As per the information he had more than one source of income. He used to earn from his rapping profession, he used to earn from being social media influencer, paid advertisements, etc. Houdini Rapper’s net worth is 1 million USD. And if we talk about his Instagram social media account, he has millions of followers on it. He has more than 9.7 million followers on Instagram. Stay tuned for the latest updates & gossips.


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