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Twitch Harbleu Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Height, Married, Net Worth


Harbleu is an American full-time Overwatch streamer currently playing for the Chicken Contenders. Harbleu started participating in competitive match-ups on Team Fortress 2 (TF2) when he was around sixteen-years-old when he and a group of online friends formed a group and used to compete against other groups online. He eventually left that group to join a high-ranking TF2 team. They won the first ESEA tournament that they participated in. This sparked his interest in eSports, and he continued to participate in TF2 tournaments until he switched over to Overwatch during its closed beta, along with a few of his TF2 friends, including A_Seagull and @Enigma. He practiced with them, which led to their being approached for sponsorship by LG.

However, he was still working a full-time job at that point and wasn’t able to commit to the team. CompLexity then offered him a trial position on their team. He accepted and soon achieved an official position with the team. This lead to his quitting his job to focus on becoming a full-time pro-player and streamer. Read Harbleu Twitch age, height, net worth, wife and family.


Harbleu Biography

Harbleu has been playing Overwatch professionally ever since. Has a competitive Team Fortress 2 background. Most notable for his Roaming Soldier and Medic roles. He is an American who plays with the friends in online streams. 

Harbleu Age

His original name is Anthony Ballo. He hails from the United States. Although the exact place of his birth in the United States is not known. On Twitch, he is in the team named Luminosity Gaming.

His signature heroes are roadhog, Zarya, and wrecking ball amongst others. 

He was born on April 8, 1993. Thus he was 27 years old as of 2020. He will complete 28 years of his life in April 2021. 

Harbleu Net Worth

The Harbleu’s net worth is estimated as the $200K from the streaming and playing games. He is a growing and successful man in the field of gaming and streaming. He made a huge fan base in the very short time. Harbleu earns the fix amount from the streaming and gaming career. He also mentions about his hobbies in live streams which are given below.

Harbleu Hobbies

  1. Harbleu knows how to cook. Not being a proper cook, he takes it up as his hobby or leisure-time activity.
  2. Harbleu goes to the gym to maintain his flaunting physique.
  3. His hobbies are reading, photography, learning, traveling, internet surfing, and others to name a few. 


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