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Twitch Missbehavin Onlyfans, Age, Leaked Video Clip, Banned


Again we are back with one of the most well-known personalities whose name is MissBehavin, she is professionally a twitch streamer. Most of the time she has come into the limelight when her account was banned on twitch she has a profile as an OnlyFans. It happened after the accident uploaded streaming content. She posts her latest updates on the profile and she gets paid for that. Later she has also given an explanation by the tweet, she said it was an accident. We will know more about her now, through the post, let’s know more about the Miss Behavin age, height, wiki and net worth.


Who is MissBehavin?

Miss Behavin is the popular twitch streamer, who has been banned for uploading adult content on her profile, MissBehavin was banned for three days in Dec 2020. She has gathered lots of attention from the people and been an eye-catching personality. She has a huge fan following on her socila media accounts, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch. She is active on social media sites being a social media star.

MissBehavin Wiki

Name: MissBehavin
Date of Birth: January 9, 1995
Birth Place: Russia
Age: 26 years  as of 2021
Status: Unmarried
Gender: Female
Occupation: Twitch star
Nationality: Russian
Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Net Worth: $100,000 USD at present

MissBehavin Onlyfans

There is a huge buzz of the Miss Behavin onlyfans account. Yes, she is now active on the Onlyfans where she used to share the amazing private clips and photos to users. She goes by the name cakeykc. As of now, she is banned from the Twitch platform. Fans are quite excited to see her on Onlyfans.

She has received so much attention from the people for her body shape and beautiful, her height is 5 feet 3 inches and her weight is 48 kg. She is the crush of millions of people, according to her profile pictures, she has Brown hair colour and Blue Eye colour, she also has 6 tattoos on her body as we can see in her pictures.

MissBehavin Net Worth

The Miss Behavin net worth is about a total of $100,000 USD as of now. Being a twitch streamer, she earned from the subscriptions and advertisements. She is one of the popular hot Twitch streamers in the world. Still, she is the headline of the news and being searched on the internet. She is one of the top internet treiding personalities.

MissBehavin Interesting Facts

  • MissBehavin’s account was banned for 3 three days for uploading adult content.
  • She has a profile on Twitch with the name of OnlyFans.
  • MissBehavin has tons of flowers on socila media sites, which shows her popularity.
  • There is no exact date of birth so that her age can be identified.
  • As per her pictures from the socila media accounts, she looks young and beautiful.
  • On Instagram, MissBehavin has 16.7k followers, and she receives positive responses to her posts on her account.
  • She has an attractive body with good height and weight.
  • Due to her secretive nature, she has not released anything related to her family background and loving life.
  • On Twitter, she has 3,376 followers and 1k tweets.


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