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Usashi Chakraborty Father Shyamal Chakrabroty Age, Biography, Death


Again we are here with a new update of these days. Here you need to know this news. It is all about the position and the father of an actress Shyam Chakraborty, unfortunately, it is one the sad news of 2020 that, Ushasie’s father has passed away, and the atmosphere is completely full of sorrow. Through this article, we will tell every single thing related to her. So keep reading this article till the end.

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Who is Usashi Chakraborty?

The of the actress Ushashie Chakraborty, who is a Bengali actress and has been working in the film industry for many years. Her father passed away to the virus COVID-19.As we know the Vrius, this is spreading at its high level in across the world,even several people have lost their lives and jobs owing to that Virus.Many of the people are still suffering in the hospitals even many famous personalities are not safe at this time as we heard about Mr. Amitabh and his son including his daughter in law and her doahgter Aradhaya, they all were infected to due to Corona Virus  but by the grace of God they all are fine now. Recently the news is in the air that home miinisger Amotshah is also found Corona positive and he has been hospitalised on the advice of Doctor.

Usashi Chakraborty’s Father Death

On the thursday in afteroon she lost her father, he was 77 year old. In the starting he was admitted along with respiratory. Slowly-slowly with the time he became critical and he was put on the ventilator. He was also suffring two cardiac arrests. after her father Ushashie also got herself tested but she was negative, then she started her shooting again. She told that at very young age she lost her mother and  after her only her took care of her as a mother. She also told that although her ather was too busy, being a politician but he never impossed anythig anthing related to the politics. He let her live her life the way, she wanted to live. But finally she felt little bit alone today.

CPM Politican Shyamal Chakraborty

His crimination will be done as a process of Covid 19. It is very hard moment for his loved ones, our condolence is with them. RIP Shayamal chakraborty. Follow our page for more  update and stay conncetd with us. Stay safe at home, wear mask.


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