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Viral Video From DG Khan Education Academy, Sexual Assault, Arrested


One of the viral news on the internet for that people is going mad. The news is related to the education academy, from where some of the sexual videos have gone on the internet and social media sites. The Police spokesman said that a special team of the police force has been ready along with the IT expert to variety the authenticity of the video and investigate the rest of the issues related to this.

Sexual Assault Video From DG Education

This news has been revealed on Monday, the RPO (Reginal Police Officer) of DD Khan Faisal Rana has stated that the culprits have been arrested involved in this. One of the suspects has been identified as Javed, the education academy was run in 2012, a hidden camera was being used to film girls in the education academy. There are tons of people, who are showing their interest to know more and as of now, they are bent on searching the news.

Police Investigation DPO Stated

As per the statement of DPO, he said the suspect used to blackmail girls, who used to come to the education academy for learning, but they were not aware of this. Through hidden cameras, the suspect used to shot a video of girls and then used to blackmail them for being physical with him. The DPO has also said that very soon we will reach to the other culprits who are connected to the networks.

People have a positive image of the educational academy, but no one knew that what is happening inside. The investigators are investigating and searching for more clues to reach the rest of the culprits, who are doing such things. The academy where this incident took place, its name was DG Khan Academy Surface.

Suspected Arrested For Filming

Videos are getting viral on youtube and other social media platforms, as per the statement of local journals, in the videos we can see a teacher, who is sexually assaulting female students, who come to the educational academy. People are circulating that video on the internet and bent on sharing it. As per the report, police have got to know a gang allegedly the part of sexual assault of girls in the private education academy in Dera Ghazi.

The team will be talking about actions quickly and find out all the suspects, they will also identify the team of people who are involved in this. They will also come to know the accusers and victims, interrogation is going on with the arrested suspect.


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