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Who Is Bryson Bullock? Arrested For DUI, Wiki, Age, Career


Bryson Bullock is being searched on the internet, he is a teenager who has been the headline of the news. As far as we know recently the news is coming out that he has been arrested for DUI under the age of 21. Do you know who is Bryson Bullock? if you want to know more about this then do come with us and read this post from top to bottom. So let’s get started to explore him.

Bryson Bullock Wiki

Bryson Bullock is a young boy, who is just 21 years old as of now, he is the center of attraction these days because he has been arrested for DUI (Driving Under Influence). It means you are driving any vehicle and operating it with the consumption of drugs and alcohol. He has been charged in the same case, he may have to pay a fine between $300 to $1000 moreover he will also have to spend around 12 months in jail including 40 hours of community service.

Bryson Bullock Age

Bryson Bullock is from Georgia Gazette, he is an emerging star who is in trouble as of now. He was booked for DUI under the age is 21 years, he is seeming to be a member of high school sports. His exact date of birth is not available, and it is being believed that he is nearly 20 to 21 years old.

You might be in the swim about the rule and regulations of the country, it is illegal in most of the country if you drive a vehicle with the consumption of drugs and alcohol. There are tons of people who know this but still, they do, it can take your life away. But the method of giving punishment can be different in Georgia if you are found with an alcohol concentration of higher than .08 you will be put in jail because it is over the legal limit.

Bryson Bullock Career

Currently, he is facing DUI charges, he can face two kings of DUI charges first is DUI Less safe and DUI Perse. He has not disclosed his personal information, at the time of writing this content his parents’ names are not known he is a student who is competing for his study in college, he might be in his high school, his booking date is Feb 21, 2021. For further updates, keep visiting this post we will let you know on the same page. For more details and information related to your favorite celebs stay updated and tuned with us.


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