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Who is Cuban Link Aka Jamira Haines? 50 Cent’s Girlfriend, Age, Bio


50 Cent has become the center of attraction these days, tons of people are talking about them. After his girlfriend has shared a boomerang of them on her Instagram story. Now she has gone viral on the internet, netizens want to know who is beau Cuban Link aka Jamira Haines, her age, net worth, career, and more. Recently an apology letter has been issued on his Instagram account where he shared a sensual picture of herself in lingerie, which is getting viral day by day, her fan following is increasing with time. Let’s explore Who is Cuban Link Aka Jamira Haines? 50 Cent’s Girlfriend, Age, Bio.

Who is Cuban Link Aka Jamira Haines

Who is Cuban Link Aka Jamira Haines?

You must be having a question, who is Cuban Link? she is professionally an Instagram influencer and model. Her real name is Jamira Haines, she is one of the young and beautiful women. She is pretty active on her Instagram account, she is one of the multitalented personalities, being a professional model, she has an attractive personality, as far as we know she is also am an aspiring corporate lawyer, her number of followers is 143, 000 followers.

She is also a fitness instructor, who guides people for their fitness. As per the source, she is involved in real estate, her one of the pages describes her as a seller, buyer, and investor.

50 Cent’s Girlfriend

Talking about her personal life, then 50 Cent is making the headline after his personal life came in public. In the year 2019, both of them come out in public for the first time during the premiere of the show Power. So far there is no exact information that when both of them have started to date each other, their first meeting was on Instagram live. As per the statement of the rapper, he said he met first in a restaurant, his girlfriend gave the address of the restaurant.

There is no detail since when both of them have been dating each other, but they prefer to keep their personal life private. But now it is no more private, many of people are showing good interest to know about their personal life. We can both of them are posting pictures on the Instagram account, you can follow them to get more latest updates. 50 Cent keeps sharing his pictures with his fans, including his upcoming projects, for more viral news keep visiting this site, we will be right back with the new post.


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