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Who Is Daniel Elena-Lopez? Denver Shooting Suspect, Age, Wiki


Daniel Elena-Lopez has been identified as a suspect in the Denver Shooting and he is also claimed to have a long criminal history. As per the report, last week at a clothing store in the Los Angeles, police has fired at an assault suspect. There is a video of the shooting that is getting viral day by day. Netizens are searching for the video and they want to know who is Daniel Elena-Lopez? Let’s explore every single detail related to Denver Shooting.

Daniel Elena-Lopez

Who Is Daniel Elena-Lopez?

The video of the shooting was released on Monday, and in another shooting, a 14-year-old innocent girl was killed while she was in the changing room, the bullet punctured a wall and struck her. After that on Tuesday the Los Angeles Police Department has posted an edited video online, which includes 911 calls, radio transmissions, body camera footage, and surveillance footage, the police department is supposed to disclose the major videos such as police shootings within 45 days of the incident.

Denver Shooting Video Suspect

Daniel Elena-Lopez is the suspect of the shooting, his early life is not known, but in his past, he has done lots of illegal activities and has a lengthy criminal past. When the officers have reached the store they found him face to face and shot fire. One of the shots went wrong behind the Lopez and hit another person, named Valentina Orellana Peralta. She was in the changing room who lost her life.

A man was seen in the top and shorts taking the bicycle up and the store’s escalator to the second story in the early surveillance tapes. He was seeing confused he was holding a cable-style bike lock, which he used to hit a woman. After that he managed to escape from the store, he hit the woman brutally with the bike lock, attacked multiple people, and also dragged women in the hallway.

Daniel Elena-Lopez Wiki

Daniel Elena-Lopez’s personal details are not made public, his family background is not known yet. Neither he has disclosed his marriage life, people want to know that what was his motive to do this, it is still being investigated by the authorities. The Department of Justice is also looking after the matter, we will let you know as soon as we find more updates related to the case.


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