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Who Is George Floyd Niece Arianna Floyd Age, Shot To Death


George Floyd Niece Arianna Floyd is the headline of the news, who has been shot while sleeping in her bed. Many people are showing interest to know that who was George Floyd, Niece Arianna Floyd? If you are one of them then do read the post, which contains George Floyd Niece Arianna Floyd’s age, family, and more.

Arianna Floyd Death

George Floyd Niece Arianna Floyd is the victim of gunfire, who has been killed in her home. As far as we know George Floyd was killed in 2020 by a Minneapolis Police officer, which was a big impact on the police department. Now his niece whose name is Arianna Floyd was hit in Southwest Houston on New Year’s Day. At the time of her death, she was sleeping, and during sleeping, she was shot in her home.

George Floyd Niece

Arianna has been shot while she was sleeping in the torso on Jan 1st, 2022 on Sunday around 3 am. As per the further updates, the bullets hit her lungs and liver. Arianna Floyd was the niece of George Floyd, who was a young girl. She died at her father Derrick Delane’s apartment in Houston. She is now stable and got treatment in the emergency. Till now the gunman has not been identified Houston police is working over the case, the investigation is going on.

Arianna Floyd Wiki

As per the statement of her father, Derrick he claimed that his apartment was hit by gunfire many times before 3 am on the 1st of Jan. After she was shot, she called her dad at that time she was completely stained with blood, her father took her in the hospital and she underwent surgery.

Arianna Floyd Age

Arianna is just 4 years when this incident happened with her, she was hit at her father’s apartment in the 3300 blocks Yellowstone Blvd. She was the front and center of the marches and rallies in her uncle George Floyd’s case.

Arianna Floyd Family

Arianna Floyd was born to her parents, her father’s name is Derrick Delane and her mother’s name is not disclosed yet. Their home was targeted for gunfire, as per further updates, the Houston Police Chief Troy Finner has launched an Internal Affairs investigation related to the Department’s shooting. Police were not there even after the 4 hours of the incident, till that her father and victim were suffering, her mother was the one who took her to the hospital.


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