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Who Is ImDontai? Age, Wife, Height, Gaming Youtuber, Twitch, Net Worth


ImDontai is one of the rising YouTubers, who has been the top-notch personality, you must have heard about him while scrolling social media. If you do not know who is ImDontai? do not worry we will help you find out everything about him such as ImDontai’s age, net worth, wife, and more. He is a gaming YouTuber, who is pretty active on his social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, youtube, and others.

ImDontai Wife

ImDontai is also known as Anthony Ethridge, by profession he is an American youtube and video content creator. He is mostly popular for his music and rap vide on his YouTuber channel, along with his reaction videos on youtube.  He makes various short videos including interviews, movie reviews, random videos, gaming, vlogs, roasts, and reactions. As far as we know, ImDontaif has started his youtube channel in April 2015, where he reviewed one of the hit Hollywood movies named Fifty Shades of Grey.

ImDontai Age

As of now ImDontai is 29 years old, he was born on September 2, 1992, he was grown up in Virginia, the United States of America. He is holding an American nationality, he was raised by his parents. He spent his early life with his three siblings, ImDontai’s real name is Donte Anthony Ethridge. His height is 5 feet 10 inches.

ImDontai YouTuber

ImDontai is holding three youtube channels, their names are ImDonati, ImstillDonati, and ImDonati Gaming. Do you know who is ImDontai’s wife? He is married to Danielle in August 2020, he has also shared his picture with his IG account, ImDontai’s wife’s IG  username is @im_danielle, she has 78.9K followers. Both husband and wife are rising internet stars. Their uploads on social media receive a huge public attention. People love this couple a lot.

ImDontai Twitch

He is active on social media sites you can follow him to get his latest update on his IG account. His username is @im_dontai,  he has a verified account, at the time of writing this post he is being followed by more than 942K followers. Both of them have been working together for a long time since they got married. She has a twitch account with 34.1K followers, her most of the streams are family feuds and chatting videos.

ImDontai Networth

ImDontai’s net worth is in millions, he has not disclosed his exact amount of earnings, his main source of income is his three youtube channels.  He earns through sponserships, promotions, and donations. His first channel has 2.91 million subscribers, and second has 2.04 million subscribers and the last one has 652K subscribers.


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