Who Is Irina Karamanos? Gabriel Boric Wife, Age, Net Worth


    Irina Karamanos is the talk of the town these days, who has been the center of attraction these days. Majorly she is popular as the wife of Chile’s president, whose name is Gabriel Boric, she is professionally a social activist. Now her husband is hitting the headline after he was elected as the youngest president of Chile at the age of 35. As far as we know he was chosen after 90.95 percent of ballots were counted. Let’s explore more about Irina Karamanos’s age, husband, and net worth.

    Who Is Irina Karamanos

    Who Is Irina Karamanos?

    Irina Karamanos is famous for being the wife of Gabriel Boric, who has come into the limelight after being the youngest president of Chile. Apart from this Irina Karamanos is known as a social activist. You might know but Irina has been the Nation’s first lady as now. She has also advocated for women’s rights and identifies as a feminist. To get more latest updates about the coupe, you may follow them on Twitter, where they post their recent pics and tweets, she has a decent number of followers, she might be available on IG and Facebook.

    Irina Karamanos Personal Life

    Karamanos is pretty supportive of her partner even when she was not in the spotlight. As far as we know the couple has been together for more than 2 years, she has been the talk of the town after she appeared on the stage with her husband during a political speech. In one of the recent interviews she has expressed her love in the public that they are supposed to complete around 3 years together, they have a strong bond.

    Irina Karamanos Age

    Her partner Boric was a former student leader when he won with 55.87 percent of the votes. As of now, Irina Karamanos is 32 years old, who has completed her graduation in Anthropology and Communication Science in Germany. She is also a member of the Same social Convergence party as her partner handling the feminist front. She is low key activist, her profile is not high but now she is rising with each passing day.

    Irina Karamanos Net Worth

    As per our calculation, Irina Karamanos has an estimated net worth of $1 to 2 million USD as of now. She is earning a decent amount of money, by her primary source of income. On the other hand. Her husband’s estimated net worth is between $1 to 5 million USD. Both of them are growing together and being successful.


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